SOUVLAKI The most popular Greek dish


Souvlaki is the most popular Greek dish.

Souvlaki is made of pita bread, pork meat, tzatziki, onions and tomatoes.

It is easy to prepare, delicious and sold everywhere in Greece.

Souvlaki is a fast food served in restaurants or small eateries that also serve gyros and other grilled meat dishes.

You can buy one to take out and eat it on the street or sit in and enjoy at the restaurant.  

Made from small cubes of pork threaded on a  wooden skewer. "kalamaki".

Apart from the classic pork souvlaki, you can also make from chicken, Lamb or any other meats.

Chop fresh pork in small cubes and marinate it in olive oil, oregano, thyme and a bit of vinegar for 12 hours.

Then, add some salt and pepper and place the pieces on souvlaki skewers.

Be careful not to over-grill the meat.

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Pita breads are essential to have a souvlaki so grill the pitas and then add some tomato, onion and tzatziki and dinner is served.

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