For some time, Goudas Foods carried a line of products referred to as Grape Leaves.
As a multicultural company, we have incorporated foods for basically all nationalities.

Grape leaves have been used for centuries in the cuisine of Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, Lebanon, and other Mediterranean countries.

In their homeland, these people would pick the soft grape leaves fresh from the vine and stuff them with rice (for vegetarians), and with mincemeat.

This was then boiled or steamed, and used as an aperitif (appetizer), or as a main dish.

Grape leaves are so popular that Mr. Goudas wrote a book titleed, Dolmades - Stuffed Vine Leaves, outlining the uses and cooking techniques, etc., on the website.

Initially, they were imported from California.

However, within the last few years, the regular supplier passed away, and the company started importing the product from Greece, Bulgaria or Turkey.

The appearance of the product was very, very good, but personally, Mr. Goudas was not happy because the veins were too hard.

One of the main reasons for his pickiness is that grape leaves cannot be produced once a month, or once a week or every day, they can only be produced either in the spring or in late summer.

The early spring leaves are very tender.

In addition, since he was unable to find a supplier with the proper quality, for one year he went without the product (2008-2009). He did not want to disappoint his regular customers until he found the right supplier of grape leaves.

Finally, he found a responsible supplier who totally understood his requirements for young, very green, no-damage, and very soft leaves and veins.

When the shipment arrived according to specifications Mr. Goudas himself randomly picked jars and try. He was very pleased with the product which now is available again at your local supermarket.

We hope you will be as satisfied with Mr. Goudas Grape Leaves.