We will undertake this recipe in two parts: Firstly, how to cook the rice.
We will assume in this instance that you do not know how to do it.
Secondly, how to prepare the Corned Beef.

Finally, combining the two, resulting in a creation fit for a King/Queen.

With today's technology, we could click here and there for different recipes for rice. However, we have the best recipe for cooking rice written by the chef of chefs, Mr. Goudas, we thought to incorporate it on this page so that you may have fun doing it and have pleasure when you eat it.

The following is the recipe for the rice.
Put on your apron, your chefs hat, wash your hands and let us begin.
You must be ready to have fun: there is no unhappiness in the word chef: cheery, happy, everything fun.

Please do not criticize . We will not listen any way. Enjoy,We did this for your pleasure.

Obviously, there is a first time for any new chef to undertake cooking rice.

Sometimes, a person can get very annoyed when, after purchasing a bag of rice,they realize upon arriving home.
There are no cooking instructions and... being a novice at cooking, one is stuck.
On the other hand, sometimes there are cooking instructions that one follows right down to the last detail and the rice still does not come out right.

The reason for that is sometimes the instructions tell you to put 1 cup of rice to 2 cups of water. Bring water to boil then put the rice in the pot, cover with the lid, reduce the heat for 18-1/2 minutes or 20 minutes and 18.5 seconds, so let us synchronize our watches, and hope that the water has already evaporated and the rice cooked.
If you hit the jackpot, maybe you end up with good tasting rice.

Obviously, different varieties of rice have different cooking time periods and with each stove being different, electric stoves give off different heat proportions to gas stoves, therefore, the instructions on the bags can be way off from reality.

You may end up with very soft rice, which is yucky, and right off the bat you hate the taste. Or, it is so hard, some people call them bullets and your dentist will love you.
The fact is you do not need a Masters Degree, or a Ph. D. to figure it out.
We still, did, however, ask the top expert in the rice business, the master in rice cooking, the Man for all Seasonings according to the Business Journal Magazine to solve our problem and give us his opinion on this matter: which is very serious.

Mr. Goudas told us that there are people who cook rice very well and he always learns from them. But for people who have no idea and they want to experiment with the grain, he states: Regardless of the variety, brand or country of origin, a beginner should do the following:

1 cup of rice (enough for one person)
4 or more parts water, salt to taste.

This is all you require as far as the list of ingredients. And, of course a pot.

Put the pot on the stove.
Add the water.
Turn the stove on.
Bring the water to a boil.
When the water begins to bubble-it is boiling.
Add that cup of rice and salt to taste.

Let the rice boil until it is tender to your taste. Ever so often taste one grain.
It is also quite entertaining to watch the rice boiling, jumping up and down and, since you do not cover the pot, use the lid as your steel drum instrument, a fork as the drumstick and get into the rhythm as you watch the grains bubbling all the while singing the song with the words similar to:

'Goudas Rice is very nice!
Goudas Rice is very nice!
It is good for pelau* or Chinese fried rice!
So take my advice and buy Goudas Rice!'
You must repeat the song again and again until the rice is tender to your taste.

You then remove it from the stove and empty into a colander/strainer.
When all the water is gone, return the rice to the pot, place a slice or two of butter on the top. Cover the pot with your steel drum (lid) for a few minutes to allow the butter to melt into and penetrate the rice.
If you do not like butter, put a little bit of oil.

Now you are the chef!
If you like the rice,
and we hope you do,
stick to Goudas rice.

Part Two: Corned Beef

You have probably seen corned beef cans on the supermarket shelves, may never had tried it or may not even realize the possibilities.
You are not the only one. Many people have no idea what to do with Corned beef.

Of course we suggest Mr. Goudas Corned Beef. There are others brands on the market with similar high quality for example, Hereford (one of the older brands), and Grace.

Make your selection and purchase a can.

You will need a large frying pan, 1 large onion, 2 celery stalks, 1 can Herbs and Diced Tomatoes, couple cloves garlic, salt and pepper to taste, 2 tbsp.  Trinidad Hot sauce.

Place frying pan on stove on medium level, add 1/4 cup of Olive Oil or any oil of your choice except motor oil. (Give us a smile please.)

Cut onion in 1/4 inch or less slices, chop celery stalks. Add to heated oil and saute until golden in colour. Add a can of Herbs and Diced Tomatoes and allow to simmer for a few minutes. Incoporate your spices, including thinly sliced garlic. When this sauce is ready to your satisfaction, open the corned beef, places slices in sauce. If you prefer, use a fork to cut into small pieces.

Carefully, very gently, add 2 tablespoons of  Trinidad Style Hot Sauce. It makes all the difference in the world.

Place a few spoons of rice on a plate and garnish with the Corned Beef.
Enjoy. Mmmm It's so goooood.

*Pelau is one of the national dishes of Trinidad and Tobago. It consists of rice and green pigeon peas cooked together in the same pot with your meat (chicken or beef). Of course you use Mr. Goudas Rice and Mr. Goudas Green Pigeon Peas.

The above recipe and picture is courtesy of Spyros Peter Goudas.

All rights reserved. No reproduction for commercial use is allowed without the express permission of the copyright holder.

Bernadette Scott
Peter Spyros Goudas
Πήτερ Σπυρος Γούδας


Please NoteRice is an ingredient used in thousands of recipes all over the world. In this website, we have mentioned the use of various types of rice in the following recipes