Are you familiar with the fruit Pomegranate?

Classified as a berry, the pomegranate fruit is encased in a thick red or deep pink leathery skin and contains hundreds of seeds on the inside. 

Each seed is surrounded by a spongy, watery membrane.

The history of this fruit is of Biblical significance and is mentioned in the Book of Exodus.

The pomegranate is native to Iran, the Himalayas in northern India and the Mediterranean. 

Cultivation has since spread to many parts of the world.

In certain countries, for example, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia , Turkey, the pomegranate is kept until December 31, and as the New Year approaches individuals gather outside their homes and after midnight they re-enter the house, right foot first. 

The pomegranate is then thrown to the ground where it breaks and the amount of seed spread on the floor determines the wealth of the house for the year.

The pomegranate may be eaten by hand out of its skin or made into juice.

This fruit has an acidy taste and it is preferable to eat it without sugar, if possible.

It is a bit difficult to break the skin. 

However, once you break or cut it open, the best way to select the seeds is to place an amount of water in a large stainless steel bowl.

Immerse the pieces into the water for a short period of time.

Gently push the seeds of the membrane. 

 Since the seeds give no resistance, you will eventually have a bowl full of Pomegranate seeds.

Discard the water and place the seeds on a plate.

Take a few pieces and place in your mouth.

Suck on the pulp and DISCARD THE SEEDS.

Pomegranates are usually displayed in the supermarkets as per the photo below.

Unlike other fruits, it is difficult to determine the ripeness of the fruit by knocking, shaking or squeezing.

Therefore, you choose how many you need.

Be careful when cutting the outer shell since it is very slippery.

After cutting, try to open as per photo.

Place the open pomegranate into a bowl filled with some water.


 Remove the skin and you will have a bowl of pomegranate seeds.

 Discard the water and place seeds on a plate or bowl.

 There are certain companies producing Pomegranate Juice. 

I would like to advise you that you have to carefully examine the list of ingredients.

Should the ingredients state water and/or sugar, consider this to be second class.  

The main and only ingredient should be Pomegranate Juice, no ifs, ands or buts.

The Pomegranate is very nutritious, an antitoxidant and is considered to be a symbol of health and fertility in certain cultures.


Spyros Peter Goudas



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