Hello Friends;

Hello chicken sandwich lovers.

There are millions of people who enjoy the simplicity or excitement of a chicken sandwich in the world today.

Do you know any of them?

I can hear the wheels in your brain turning ...

Ah Ha!! I made you think for a moment didn’t I.

Today is Saturday, March 8, 2014 and I have many business decisions, issues and worries, product development, supermarket displays. 

I must continously monitor the issuing of food items to support numerous food banks and other organisations that cateer to the needy and feed the homeless.

All who in one way or another depend on me and my support…

Obviously free of Charge!!!!

I don’t know if you read about me being homeless when I arrived in Canada

Other than my Buckley’s Cough Syrup, Dimetapp, and Liquifruita I have tried to consume some egg and lemon soup with vegetables or chicken as I seem to have lost my appetite.

I know I wrote somewhere about Egg and Lemon soup.

I won’t go into the details of that right now but if you link into the recipe here I suggest that you try it!

One is called, Rice and Chicken with Lemon and Egg the other is Vegetable soup with egg and lemon.

Both soups are excellent for a main course but may be most appealing to those who are feeling a bit under the weather.

So back to the topic: Chicken Sandwich.

If I had the time I would give you a picture recipe that shows you step by step how to make a delicious chicken sandwich starting with a roasted chicken.

Of course you must understand to make a chicken sandwich you can’t use chicken wings or chicken legs for that matter. You would break your teeth and you would instantly become the dentist’s best friend.

mr.goudas recipes_roasted chickenSo to make things easier you can use the Christmas Roasted turkey recipe as the base for making your roast chicken.

There are a lot of similarities there.

Simply replace the turkey with chicken.

Soo…Now you have the chicken slices right?

You can put it between two pieces of bread, a croissant sliced in half and even dress it up with some lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, onions and Mr. Goudas Hot sauce if you like and there you have it!

By the way, since I’ve been ill I used two rolls of tissue paper per day to clear my nose now I’m down to one.. 

Sounds like things are looking up...If I may say so myself!

This morning out of the blue something came into my mind and suddenly I was overwhelmed with the desire for a chicken sandwich.

Perhaps this is an indication that I am getting better right?

Instantly two things have come to mind:

mr.goudas recipes_dorothy dandridge_chicken sandwichYou may read about chicken necks in my recipe website:

Or perhaps you've read about it in my Biography.

It’s a fascinating comedy about the chicken subject and my discovering that there was much more to chicken than the Chicken necks  and  chicken feet.

For instant comedy relief please click on the lings.

Now, many moons ago, I fell madly in love with Dorothy Dandridge when I was about twelve or thirteen years old… and guess what we have something in common –Chicken sandwich.

Now I know you may wonder what the heck Dorothy has to do with Chicken…

If she was an Italian she would probably ask for a pastrami sandwich or prosciutto

If she was British she would ask for a black pudding, but she was a black American actress and singer.

She was in a film that I first saw when I was very young titled Carmen alongside another great actor and singer called Harry Belafonte.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Belafonte one night while he was rehearsing Greek songs with Melina Mercouri or  Nana Mouskouri in a theatre.

mr.goudas recipes_dorothy dandridge_chicken sandwichWithin the film Carmen, Dorothy Dandridge sings a song which I have incorporated here.

If you listen to her towards the end you can clearly hear her asking for a chicken sandwich.

The famous Carmen Jones cafeteria scene of Dorothy Dandridge performing "Dat's Love"

So from now on if you desire a chicken sandwich you can remember to visit the Mr. Goudas recipe website or relate it to Dorothy Dandridge.

For her contributions to the motion picture industry, she was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, at 671 Hollywood Boulevard.

Dorothy Dandridge is also the most prominent figure of a huge mural of celebrities painted on an exterior wall of Hollywood High School.

Immediately in your head it should come to you because doesn’t just tell you about salt and pepper.

It’s educational and filled with comedy.

Spyros Peter Goudas


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