Opo sold in most Oriental markets.

Are light green skin with white flesh fruits

Young fruits are sweet and delicious, good for stir-fry and soup however you can also enjoy it raw.

This vegetable is high in vitamins and fiber while staying low in calories.

Is very popular in Southern China and Taiwan.

As a vegetable, is used in either a stir-fry or in a soup.

Opo is very tender and delicious.

Plants are easy to  grow in warm climates, starting to set fruits in 45 days after the transplanting

Plants should be well watered in warm summer and can be grown along supports or on the ground.

A perfect companion to any meal..


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About Manjula Jain:

Manjula Jain was born in North India into a vegetarian family.

Her mother was an excellent cook who paid attention to every detail.

One of the most important details for her was cooking with fresh ingredients.

As a child and young adult, she helped her mother in the kitchen.

Manjula learned to cook with just a few spices and herbs in order not to compromise the taste of the vegetables, grains and lentils.

After Manjula Jain got married and moved to the United States from India in the late 1960s, her family remained vegetarian because of their adherence to the Jain religion.

One of the main principles of the Jain religion is the belief in non-violence to all living beings and the belief to “live and let live”. Manjula Jain is passionate about this way of life today.

Manjula is here to teach you simple and practical recipe that carry out the authenticity of Indian vegetarian cooking.

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