A local newspaper from Halifax, Nova Scotia, published an article by SHERRI BORDEN COLLEY in June 2007, regarding sugar. 

Apparently, the article was meant to be a criticism. 

It was very amateurish and tabloid in style.
However, it did state that the Mr. Goudas sugar sold very well, in fact it was sold out at some stores even before the final special date. 

The article draws the attention of the public to the warning on the packaging.
A warning which the Goudas Foods Company itself chose to include. 

The Mr. Goudas Sugar is made from 100% pure sugar cane.
It contains no artificial ingredients, no additives, no derivates and no preservatives. 

There is nothing ominous or foreboding about the warning.
It is simply placed on the label in the best interest of the consumer.
The Goudas Foods Company should be applauded for the inclusion of this warning. 

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), according to the article, stated that the sugar was tested by the CFIA labs and have found no food safety issue according to agency spokesperson, Mr. Etienne Chiasson.
Additionally, there have been NO recalls or allergy alerts for Mr. Goudas Sugar whatsoever. 

Therefore, Sherri Borden Colley, Staff Reporter for the Chronicle Herald will not be receiving any awards or accolades for this article. 

The underhand, amateurish tactics used by this reporter to promote her personal agenda, have obviously backfired. 

The Mr. Goudas line of products has been around for almost 40 years.

Mr. Goudas personally prides himself in the care and attention he places in ensuring that the final product offered to the consumer is the best the world has to offer. 

The Mr. Goudas sugar is the only brand of 100% pure sugar cane sold across Canada.

It is available in thousands of independent stores, large food chain stores, and in wonderful department stores such as Zellers.
Actually, the spokeswoman for Zellers stated in an interview: We ve dealt with Goudas Foods for some time and we know they have the highest standards in manufacturing and packaging. 

The Goudas Food Company, which is directed under the personal care and supervision of the food empire,s founder (as the article calls him), goes the extra length to ensure that his products, over 1,000 of them, comply with internationally recognized food safety systems to ensure the manufacture of safe food products.

He personally went to South America in the sugar cane producing areas to examine the manufacturing procedures, the quality controls and the specifications for the proper granulation involved in the sugar manufacturing process.

He had talks and meetings with the largest cane sugar-producing experts in the world, thereby ensuring that the final product meets the highest standards for the consumer. 

So, although the article was meant to be negative, in the end it proves that the Mr. Goudas' sugar is truly a 100% pure sweet deal after all.