Hommos or Hummus Chick Peas.

As you may notice above, there are variations in the spelling of the word hommos.

Hommos is the Arabic word for garbanzo beans or chickpeas.

It is popular throughout the Middle East, Turkey, North Africa, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Yemen, Greece, Palestine, and other countries in the area.

Hummus  is considered a national food in many Middle Eastern countries including Turkey, North Africa, Morocco, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Yemen, Greece, Palestine, and Iraq, amongst other foods such as dolmades, lentils and white kidney beans which is often used in soup.

They also make extensive use of raisins and nuts like almonds, pistachio, and walnuts etc., etc., in desserts and snacks as well. 

Iraq (formally known as Persia), one of the oldest country's in the world, had historically turbulent periods but George Carlin- the guy with the crazy facial expression, was able to look back at those periods and create comedic moments.

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Although many people don’t  know or remember him, I'm sure after watching the video clip, one will see how he had the ability to turn seemingly horrible situations into comedic and  entertaining jokes…

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He spoke about serious topics but in a satirical way- that is by using humour.

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George had the remarkable ability to give details and statistics, do calculations and quote historical data all effortlessly by memory and in a humourous way.

His audience was always amused and captivated by his performances.

So while your gathering or preparing the recipe I am about to give you click here

Then after you can savour the perfection of your beautifully created Hummus along with some olives, pita or bread.

If you wish, top off sip onwith a lovely glass of wine and perhaps watch George Carlin again or perhaps another of his many performances.


Now Lets Go  Back to the topic of Hummus  and the beautiful recipe...

Arabians have transferred this specialty into the American and Canadian cuisine. Consequently, you may find hommos almost everywhere.

Every country has its own recipe and methods of preparations. However, the ingredients are the same.

One person may add more tahini, less lemon, a bit more of this or a bit less of that.

It is the same scenario, one person claiming that his / her hommos is better than everyone else.

However, should you ask for the recipe and the quantities of ingredients, there is never a definitive answer or the person simply responds I do not know, inferring that the recipe amounts are based on experience.

I have all the ingredients to make the hommos, however, I wanted to write a recipe for individuals who are not familiar and wish at least to try.

In the last few weeks someone came into my office and during our meeting a conversation unrelated to business issues popped up and he mentioned that he was from Syria.

He further added that he makes the best hommos in the world.

Additionally, he stated that he would be at my office on Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. to make it for me.

Apparently, I had forgotten about his promise. However, he did not. Mr. Taysir Fahham arrived at 10:00 a.m. sharp with a bag full of goodies, including Tahini, tomatoes, chick peas, lemon, stainless steel bowls, forks, knifes, plates and the works.

He was ready for the big day.

My business was to have the camera ready because I had to take many photos for each shot so that I would be able to select and position them in such a manner as to provide you with step by step instructions.

Hommos may be made from raw Chick Peas.

Soak a quantiy of Chick Peas overnight.
The next day, discard the overnight water and bring to a boil in fresh water.

Of course, you do know that Goudas Foods has the best Chick Peas for this endeavour.

However, a can of Chick Pea is also useful due to the fact that the size of the Chick Peas does not matter because the boiled peas are crushed.

Therefore, the recipe I am about to reveal to you requires one can of Hommos and there are several varieties of them including Click, Cedar, Gandour, Cortas and a dozen other brands.

Pick up a brand of your choice, and follow the instructions as per the photo display.

You may use this variety of raw Chick Peas if you wish.

If not, go to the next step.

chick peas_Mr Goudas Foods_Hummus_Hommos

You may use one can of Chick Peas. The brand is your choice.

Provided you choose to create the Chick Peas paste all by yourself,
simply grind the peas in a blender.

Mr Goudas chick peas_Mr Goudas Foods_Hummus_Hommos

Chick Pea Paste_Mr Goudas Foods_Hummus_Hommos

If you want to avoid this step, purchase a can of Hommos,
Tahini, Lemon, olive oil, salt, paprika and parsley.

Can_Chick Pea Paste_Mr Goudas recipes_Hummus_Hommos

Chick Pea Paste_Mr Goudas Recipes_Hummus_Hommos

Special note:
Open the can of Hommos and place a knife at the bottom of the can to make a small incision.

With the knife under the can, firmly hold the can with one hand and push down on the can with the other.

Be careful because the knife may slip and cut your hand, or injure you somehow.

This releases the air in the can and allows the contents to easily slide out of the can.

_Mr Goudas Recipes_Hummus_Hommos

Empty into a stainless steel or glass bowl.

_Mr Goudas Recipes_Hummus_Hommos

Flatten the Hommos with a spoon.

Mr Goudas Recipes_Hummus_spoon

Mr Goudas Recipes_Hummus_spoon

Pour 2 to 3 tablespoons of Tahini into the bowl with the Hommos.

You may add more depending upon how creamy you want the mixture.

Mr Goudas Recipes_Hummus_spoon_Tahini

Mr Goudas Recipes_Hummus_Mr Goudas Tahini

Lemon Tree_ Mr Goudas Recipes_Hommos_Hummus

Next, add the juice of half of a lemon.

In this instance we were fortunate to have obtained a seedless (which costs a bit more. Oh well !).

Notice the process of juice extraction.

Pierce the lemon with a fork and the juice flows out.

Read the book The Lemon Tree and discover how to choose the perfect lemon (and we are not referring to that old car that stalled on you on the way home after purchasing).

Hommos_Hummus_Tahini_Lemon Zest_Mr Goudas Recipes

Blend the lemon juice into the Tahini.

A thick paste forms.

Hommos_Hummus_Tahini_Lemon Zest_Mr Goudas Recipes

Add a few tablespoons of water to form a smooth paste.

Hommos_Hummus_Tahini_Lemon Zest_Mr Goudas Recipes_Water

Mix until smooth in texture (similar to mixing a batter for a cake).

Add a pinch or two of Salt.

Hommos_Hummus_Tahini_Lemon Zest_Mr Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas salt

Blend for a few minutes.

Here is the master, Mr. Taysir Fahham at work.

Check out the expression on his face. You can see his concentration on the task at hand.
He is about to create a masterpiece.

Not only does he want to create the best Hommos for himself, but to create the best recipe to represent his homeland of Syria to the rest of the the world.

Hommos_Hummus_Hab_Mr Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas

Add a little water at a time until creamy in texture.

Hommos_Hummus_Hab_Mr Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas

Scoop the mixture onto a serving plate.

Hommos_Hummus_Hab_Mr Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas

Using the back of the spoon, gently spread the mixture unto the plate forming a ridge around the edges.

Hommos_Hummus_Hab_Mr Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas

Sprinkle small amounts of flaked Parsley on three or four areas on the ridges.

Hommos_Hummus_Hab_Mr Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas flaked parsley

Place 2 or 3 tablespoons of Chick Peas in the centre.

Sprinkle a small amount of Paprika around the Chick Peas.

Hommos_Hummus_Hab_Mr Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas paprika

Pour a small amount of Mr. Goudas Extra Virgin Olive Oil over the Chick Peas and Paprika.

The flavour and aroma of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very important to this recipe.

Hommos_Hummus_Hab_Mr Goudas Recipes_olive oil

Place 3 or 4 thin slices of Tomato on the edges to further enhance presentation.

Hommos_Hummus_Hab_Mr Goudas Recipes_tomato

Beautiful and impressive! The presentation is very important.

Hommos_Hummus_Hab_Mr Goudas Recipes_tomato_olive oil_ chick peas

Serve as a full meal, an appetizer or aperitif.

Hommos_Hummus_Hab_Mr Goudas Recipes

As you may see from the expression on his face, he is absolutely satisfied with his creation and may definitely win the international competition for the best hommos in the world.
In photo is Mr. Taysir Fahham 17 Aug 2013.

Special thank you to Mr. Taysir Fahham, who is from Syria, for preparing and providing me with this wonderful and magnificent recipe.

By the way, Mr. Taysir Fahham is a gynecologist who has practised his profession for over ten years in Europe.

Hommos_Hummus_Mr Goudas Recipes_Mr Goudas

Spyros Peter Goudas