Have you heard the word Silver Fish, and we are not referring to the little pest creatures?

Silver Fish is a popular seafood delicacy within the South-East Asian cuisine and a favourite with Oriental and Filipino cultures.

I have heard my caregiver mention Silver Fish many times.
On numerous many occasions she asked me, Mr. Goudas would you like to try the silver fish any time soon?

Since I am in the food business and have tried recipes from all over the world so that I could relate my findings and my experiences by writing all these beautiful recipes, I thought to myself why not, this could be another chapter in my food history.

I figured that I would be presented with some kind of fish similar to Red or Yellow Snapper, or a slice similar to Salmon, but instead silver in colour.

Within a short period, some time later I was presented with a plate of what seemed to me to be fried meatballs.

Preoccupied as I was working, I ate the entire plate because it tasted very good.

When she returned to clear the table, she inquired – Did you like the dish, sir?

Of course I did! I responded.

She then stated those were Silver Fish Fritters, sir.

Surprisingly, I added, O my goodness, I had Silver Fish and I did not even know.

I immediately requested the recipe.

The next time my caregiver went to the Oriental supermarket and purchased some Silver Fish, I was prepared with camera in hand to enable me to create step by step instructions

(I will from now refer to these stores as Mr. Chins super duper market where there is everything under the sun, including silver fish and the full line of Mr. Goudas fine products including Calalloo, jerk seasoning, and pasta.)

I examined the package as per photo below.

Silver Fish is sold in the frozen seafood section.

We defrosted the package and took a photo of what seems like many small fish 1/8th of an inch in diameter and 2 to 3 inches long.

I took a special camera to be able to take portraits of these beautiful little creatures.

Have you heard of the singer Rod Stewart?

By now you should realize that I from that era (70's and 80's) was, and still is, a music lover.

When I looked closely at the fish through the camera, I was reminded of him and his famous hit song with the title, (Betty Davis Eyes), because the eyes of these fish are bright black and big in contrast to the silky white colour of its skin.

This photo of Silver Fish is worth a million dollars on the black market and eBay, and this is no exaggeration.

We have said enough about the fish.

Let us do some cooking.

The first thing you do is to chop a couple Green Onions, Chives or Scallions very, very, very finely.

Please avoid chopping off your finger or parts thereof because fingers do not taste good pan fried and take longer to fry.

It is of utmost importance to use Mr. Goudas All Purpose Flour.

Please do not use Mr. Goudas Chapati Flour, Roti Flour, Cake and Pastry Flour, Muffin Mix Flour, or any other of my finest flours in the world.

Additionally, do not use any flour without name or without a brand name because all species of fish are allergic to them.

I could challenge the quality of my flour with any robbing thief that he was stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.


To verify this statement, I refer to my Letters of Appreciation which you could probably read forever and is a testament to my philanthrophy to those in need without stealing from the rich.

Cooking instructions are as follows.

Wash the silver fish and place in a bowl.

In a separate bowl break an egg or two and whisk.

Pour the whisked egg(s) over the fish and chopped green onion.

Add some flour to form a paste or batter.

Add some more flour to thicken the batter, if necessary.

Add some Mr. Goudas Trinidad Style Hot Sauce, salt and black pepper to taste.

Regarding the Trinidad Style Hot Sauce: It is not any ordinary hot sauce.
In fact, some people claim that it is the best hot sauce in the world

I wrote an article about Trinidad Style Hot Sauce which you may read through this link.

Trinidad Style Hot Sauce has been clinically proven by the University of Salaguaya, capital of Malaguaya, that it is the most addictive subject under the sun.

It is far more addictive than cigarettes or even cocaine. In fact, when people in Canada purchase this hot sauce, they purchase 2 or 3 bottles in fear that Goudas Foods may go on strike some day.

Alternately, someone left Canada after purchasing this item for many years in the supermarket and went on to permanent residence in Switzerland only to finally realize that the product is not available in the supermarkets there.

Would you believe that he phone me at my office and ordered an entire case.

However, when the box finally arrived it contained only one lonely bottle.

Apparently, the customs officials in Switzerland confiscated eleven bottles for their own investigation after reading of its addictive potential.

You are warned.

Therefore, use a tablespoon or two and blend with all the ingredients.

Add the fish to the batter and blend in.

Place a large frying pan on stove at medium heat.

Add some oil.
Stop, stop, stop for a minute!
That is an incorrect statement. I do not mean any oil.

When I was young, even before thoughts of the food business entered my mind, I heard the word oil and to me every oil was the same thing including motor oil.

However, when I finally entered the food business and later on much deeper, I finally realized the differences among the oils and as I went further deeper and I studied the Olive Oil category and in fact I wrote a book about it titled, The Olive Tree, explaining to the general public in detail the categories of Olives and Olive Oil.

Once the book was completed, I realized that I am at the point of no return.
From there on, I had no choice but to produce the best Olive Oil the world has ever known.

I had to be ahead, not one inch or two, I am talking miles ahead from any other Extra Virgin Olive Oil producing companies in the universe.

Now back to our recipe.

In this case, heat up some Mr. Goudas Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Did you read that correctly?

It is a revision of the above statement of simply heating up any kind or colour of motor oil.

Once the oil is heated, place a scoop of the Silver Fish batter into the frying pan.

Add another and another and another and allow to the batter to cook slowly.

After a few minutes when you have achieved a golden colour, turn or flip them over to enable both sides to be cooked.

Within a further few minutes you will have beautiful golden Silver Fish Fritters.

Please do not over cook, make them too dark, and do not burn them.

Try to achieve the wonderful golden colour as illustrated in the photo.

Turn off the stove and carefully place your fritters on a serving plate.

Garnish with Lemon wedges.

Basically this is the recipe.

You may accompany your Silver Fish Fritters with a Romaine Lettuce Salad or a Tomato and Cucumber Salad, or Steamed Vegetables.

It seems to me that the Silver Fish do not possess any bones.

I think and I believe that the taste and appearance are simply beautiful.

I only wonder why I never had the opportunity to experience this before.

I have no doubt that certain countries have recipes that we have never heard of in this part of the world, for example, Talong Na Torta, Turan and Karella Omelet among others.

I hope you appreciate this recipe and that somewhere along the way you come to appreciate all the efforts I place in introducing new foods and ideas to you.

I only ask that you look for my line of products at your local supermarket and should they be available, good.

If not, just turn around, about face and walk out the door.
In fact, walk is not the correct, the word is run as fast as you can to the nearest grocery outlet that carries my products.

From our house to yours.

Today is August 3, 2013 and I have just completed this recipe and I hope you like or maybe love it.

Under normal circumstances on a beautiful day like this a few years ago, I would have been an important supporter of the Caribana parade, one of the biggest and most beautiful festivals in North America, right here in Ontario, Canada.

Unfortunately, now big corporations and financial institutions have taken over and mashed up the whole thing.

Instead of staying in my office and crying remembering the effort, determination and focus of the creative band leaders and masqueraders of prior years parades, I decided to show my appreciation every one of you, my loyal customers.


Spyros Peter Goudas
Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας