Here we go again!  Yes, some nationalities/cultures eat almost every part of some animals.

Pigs Feet, Pig Tails, Pigs Ears are considered Soul Food in Southern U.S.A.
Caribbean people include Pigs Feet and Tails in many of their dishes.  
Korean and Chinese also love this type of meat. 
In the United Kingdom, there has been a revival of the Pigs Feet. 

Should we go through the different meats for the different parts of the year, as for example, in the Orthodox Church, the Roasted Lamb, is very important for the Easter Celebration.  
Read the book, The Easter Story, and you will become more familiar with the subject.

On the other hand, Christmas and Thanksgiving are festivals where the Turkey is the traditional main dish. 

As I am going through my mind to see if I read somewhere or someone told me (and I have forgotten) about the day, the event or celebration that required Pork. 
Maybe in the future it will be published somewhere. 
However, I spent time today to write a Recipe for you about Pigs Feet, how about if we call November 19th as the official day of the Pig.

Here is our first Pig joke.

Imagine a picture that depicts a nice clean pig and a nice, beautiful lamb. 
As I mentioned to you above, the Greek Orthodox Celebrations require Roasted Lamb at Easter. 

So now, in the photo you see a balloon coming out from the pig’s mouth saying Easter is coming. 
I would like to wish you a Happy Easter. 

The reply from balloon of the lamb’s mouth in the Greek Language were the words “ante gamisou”.

Now, we do not really know what these words mean, but you may ask your Greek friend to translate these words for you. 
It seems to us that the words mean thank you, however, who knows.  Check it out!

pig and sheep_ Goudas recipes_ pig feet

I know that my Recipes are read by millions of people and I can not place bad language anywhere. 
However, maybe these words may be popular in the future, instead of f-off which I think they mean.

Pickled Pigs Feet

4 to 6 Pigs Feet (you may request that the hoof part be removed or cut them off yourself.)

Wash Pigs Feet, place in a large pot and fill with enough water to cover them.

Boil for approximately 1 hour skimming off the foam that accumulates at the top.  Discard this water. 
Refill with fresh water and cook for an additional 1 hour or until tender. 
Drain off water.

Vinegar brine, garlic, salt.