BEAN SALAD Welcome to the world of Beans

Welcome to the world of Beans.

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In this case, we are talking the same language.

We hope, and we have our fingers crossed, that you have purchased a respectable brand, such as, Unico, Primo, Aurora, Ferma, and of course, our favourite, Mr. Goudas.

To fully understand the difference between a respectable brand and a price brand visit our website, and read about Beans and Peas in the Articles Section.

The Article gives details about Bean selection, sorting, sizing, transportation, skin defects, discolouration, the canning process, softness or hardness, etc., etc., etc.

Should you have the time to read the above link, you will be amazed by the information provided.

Basically, it gives you a full understanding that it is not simply beans scoooped into cans, covered with lids to be sold at a low price or packaged in a plastic bag with a sticker label identifying the product.

I would like to say to you that Beans are not a low price subject.

They should be based soley on quality.
Ask any housewife and you will discover that she does not want to find any stones, discolouration, cracks, broken or infested beans which take forever to cook, etc., etc.

I remember years ago at the beginning of the new millenium that a big organization discontinued carrying my products because they discovered a few new suppliers with much cheaper prices, only to realize ten (10) years later that customers loyal to my brand follow my products wherever they are available.

I would like to point out that not all beans are suitable for salads.
Hopefully, by reading some of books and recipes you will find that, for example, Fava, Lupini, Mung, Adzuki, Black Beans, Congo, Pigeon, and Split Peas are not suitable.

Chick Peas, Red Kidney, White Kidney, Pinto and Great Northern Beans are favourites for Bean Salads.

Of course, in other countries where products are available, the Pink, the Canary or other hundreds of varieties are being used by those nationalities who are more familiar with them.

Let us now make a Bean Salad.

Basically, you may use any of your favourite beans.
You may use canned Beans or cook them yourself from scratch.
Should you prefer the easy way, i.e. canned Beans, simply rinse the Beans and place in a serving bowl.
(By rinsing the Beans you will remove the salt that was added as a preservative during the canning process.)

Should you decide to use the Beans from scratch, you have to boil them until tender to your taste.
Discard water, rinse and place in a serving bowl.

Dice 1 Onion (preferably, a sweet one), a Celery stalk, a sprig of Parsley and add to Beans.

Mr Goudas Extra virgin olive oil_ Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas RecipesAdd 1 or 2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Do not put too much Olive Oil, do not pour a cupful of Olive Oil because Beans do not know how to swim.

I do not want to discuss the topic of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in this particular recipe.

However, for a couple drops of Olive Oil needed to perfect your salad, it will be worthwhile for you to use the very best in the world. Read about Olives and Olive Oil in my book titled, The Olive Tree.

Add a few drops of Lemon juice, a bit of Oregano and a couple slices of Garlic. Salt and Black Pepper are optional.

Stir very gently to blend all ingredients.

We do mean stir gently because the Goudas Company took great measures to ensure those beautiful Beans come to you in perfect shape.

Gently toss all the ingredients once more.

Cover and allow your Bean Salad to rest for a short while.
Let all the ingredients get to know each other by name and social insurance number, and allow the spices to penetrate the environment.

Your Bean Salad may be served chilled or at room temperature.
A Bean Salad is a delicious side dish to any meal.
Alternately, it is a delightful main course to a Vegetarian.
Additionally, it is an excellent meal for individuals who are on a weight control or reduction program.

You do know that you will eventually pass a bit of gas as a result!
If you did not, now you do!

That aspect is part of the nature of Beans and that is very healthy.
In fact, in some countries the louder the noise, the bigger the pleasure.

However, should you want to hear a symphony orchestra, we suggest that you purchase the Mr. Goudas 9 Bean Symphony Mix.

We have included two Letters of Comment from customers which have been included on our website since they were received:

Douglas J., McIntosh Toronto / Ontario September 15, 2000
To marketing strategy/endorsements

I have tried the 9 beans symphony, and failed to hear the symphonic acoustics.

My son, however, being less inhibited discovered the 9 octaves.
He composed his observations into a sonnet to be dedicated to those born without the benefit of gas. He was exhausted, but nevertheless, title the following, Four Strong Winds.

Mr Goudas Beans
So wise, so frugal.
Buy Goudas Beans,
They'll turn your ass
Into a bugle

Do we win anything?
(how about a free case of beans)

From the writers: This is a wonderful sonnet and a hilarious endorsement of Mr. Goudas 9 Bean Symphony!


Jessica, Silverstone
Ottawa / ON / Canada November 13, 2004

Hello Mr. Goudas,

I just finished reading the Tin man article and I wanted to say that your products are definitelly not a new thing to me, I literally use them everyday and couldn't be happier about their quality.
About the 9 Bean Symphony, which is very nicely put by Sarah Teitel who is reflecting the comedy of the whole situation (and made me laugh so hard!), I would like to add a recipe of my own with this product, that I think viewers would greatly appreciate.

The recipe is as follows:

1. Drain the water from the can and place the contents in one big boul
2. Chop a whole onion in small pieces
3. Add some lemon juice and olive oil to your preference
4. Sprinkle some oregano
5. Mix well

In addition to the acoustics effects, Beans contain Fibre, are high in Protein, Iron and Folate (necessary for healthy red blood cells) and Carbohydrates.

The following books written by me will enlighten and entertain you as you enjoy your Bean Salad, or make great conversation at the dining table.

"The Olive Tree", which details information about Olives and Olive Oil Production.

You may have noticed the words Pure Olive Oil in many adds and flyers.

Those who love Olive Oil and do not know too much about it, immediately think that Pure Olive Oil is the ultimate Olive Oil.

However, it is at the lowest category of Olive Oils and not even popular in the countries of origin.

Grown processed and packaged in greece_extra virgin olive oil_Mr Goudas recipes extra virgin olive oil_Mr Goudas recipes Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best, and even that must have the declaration of country of origin, country of production, country where packaged and its acidity levels.

Should these facts not appear on the label, that Oil is suspicious.

"Overweight, Highway to a Healthy Life", will lead you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

"The Lemon Tree" will plunge you into laughter and show you how to choose the best Lemon the next time you go shopping.


Different countries, for instance, favour different beans.

Fava Beans_ Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes

Fava Beans are the national bean of Malta and there is a recipe for their national dish, Bigilla.

Lupini_ Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes_ Mr Goudas Books Lupini Beans are referred to as the National Snack of Italy.
Read my book called Lupini.
Within the book, I describe in detail my development of this product.
I must admit it was the most bitter experience of my life.
It is a very bitter story; however the book is filled with comedy.
I even instruct you in how to flip the Lupini into your mouth.
It is a special technique.

Bean and Lentil Soups_ Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes_ Mr Goudas Books White Kidney Beans are the national bean of Greece and favoured by Egyptians and middle-Easterners.

White Kidney Bean_ Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes White Kidney Bean_ Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes

Green Lentils are favoured in Indian and Latin American cuisine and a very favourite to Germans.

Green Lentils_ Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes Green Lentils Soup_ Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes

Congo Peas (Pigeon Peas) are loved by the Latin Americans and Caribbeans.
In particular Trinidad and Tobago.

Gungo Peas_ Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes Pigeon Peas_ Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes

In fact, a dish made with Pigeon Peas, Rice and Meat called Pelau is the national dish of Trinidad and Tobago.

One Caribana_ Mr Goudas Books_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes A Trinidadian without Pigeon Peas is like a fish out of water!

Yes, I am speaking from personal experience since I was involved in the early beginnings of the Caribana festival, founded by the nationals of Trinidad and Tobago in Canada, and presented to Canada as their contribution and gift on the occasion of Canada’s 100th Birthday in 1967.

My book, One Caribana Story, takes you back to the early beginnings of this festival.
Additionally, I produce Congo Peas (Pigeon Peas) in both the Green and Dry format, canned or packaged.

Mung Beans are loved by Orientals.

Mung Beans_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes Mung Bean Dessert_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes

As you can see from the above photo, some nationalities use Mung Beans as a dessert.

Cranberry or Romano Beans are favoured for salads and in preparation of the dish called Pasta Fagioli which is a great favourite with Italians.

Mr Goudas Romano Beans_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes Romano Bean Salad_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes

What a delicious looking salad.
The Italians, Greeks and Spaniards know what this dish tastes like.
You may find this Romano Bean Salad recipe within my books and Recipe section.

Lima Beans_ Mr Goudas Books The Lima Bean is the favourite of many countries.
It is also referred to as the Broad Bean because of its large side.
For your information, Goudas Foods produces this bean in both
the dry and canned formats.

In fact, I dedicated an entire book to the Lima Bean.

One aspect of this bean not known to many is that for the last 30 years, we have seen the reduction in the size.

The last five years, in particular, they seem to have diminished to half its original size!
Lima Beans are grown in Peru.

Lima Beans_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes

Lima Beans_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes Cooked Lima Beans_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes

Mr Goudas Baked Lima Beans_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes

There is such a wealth of information about beans.

Ethnic Food Store_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas RecipesHowever, I decided to close this article with the Chick Peas category.

Although, I wrote the book titled, Chick Peas, there is one aspect never mentioned in the book, the category la Macarena.

This particular variety is favoured by India, Spain, Italy and Greece.

It grows in Mexico and sometimes referred to as the White Chick Peas and/or called other names according to the countries where utilized.

Mr Goudas Chick Peas_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes

Mr Goudas Chick Peas_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes Chick Peas_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes

Goudas Foods is the only organization marketing this product on a regular basis as far as we know in Canada.

The size is approximately 12 to 13 mm and the skin is very soft.

Pour enough Chick Peas to fill up one-quarter of a tall glass.

Fill with water. Leave overnight.

The next day you will notice that the Chick Peas have absorbed all the water and completely fills up the glass.

You will also discover that this type of Chick Peas cooks in a very short amount of time.

Chick Peas Salad_Bean Salad _ Mr Goudas Recipes


Hope you had a lot of fun reading my books, and I really hope you will have the time to try some of our products.

Of course, should I attempt to give you the history for each type of bean produced worldwide, the weight, cooking instructions, behaviours, etc., etc., you would be reading this article forever.

I do find great pleasure in imparting some of my knowledge to my valued costumers.
Yes, that means You!


Spyros Peter Goudas
Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας

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