Cut each stem of Broccoli about 2 inches below the flowers, and slice in such a manner that each flower has a bit of the stem.

Break/cut Cauliflower into individual flowers.

Place veggies in a colander/strainer and rinse thoroughly under cool running water.

Transfer to a large pot and fill with enough water to cover them.

Bring to a full boil.  Add 1 tsp Salt, if you so choose.

Reduce heat and simmer for a couple minutes. 

Do not over cook.

Place colander in clean sink and carefully empty the contents into it.

You may return the vegetables to the pot. 

Add a part or two of Butter. 

Cover and allow the butter to melt into the Vegetables.

Wonderful!    Delicious!   Nutritious!

Broccoli is a very versatile vegetable.  

There are so many ways of  preparing it - in soups, steamed, stir-fried, added to rice, drenched in Cheese Sauce, etc., etc. 

However, some people enjoy it raw, after having dipped in into a dressing – for example – Ranch Dressing, Thousand Island, Centre Island, or some other island dressing.


By Rob Bob broccoli & cauliflower.
Was blown away by how well the broccoli & cauliflower did last year after trying this simple technique..
He came across this method of planting out brassicas last year & was very pleased with the results..
The plants that were planted in loose soil only did fair to average so decided to plant them all into firm soil this season..


Please Note: Salt is used as an ingredient in many recipes from all over the world, however, in this website, we have mentioned the ingredient salt, in the following recipes