Did you notice the smile on the girl's face holding up the two (2) cans of Sardines?

That smile shows that she hit the jackpot in finding Mr. Goudas Sardines in Tomato Sauce (Mild) and Sardines in Tomato Sauce with Chili (Hot).

Sardines are a special treat in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

The quality of the Sardines within the can may be measured in many different ways.

Number 1 - The size of the Fish.
Number 2 - The uniformity of the size of Fish within the can.
Number 3 -The level of heat penetration during the canning-cooking process.
Number 4 - When you split open one (1) of the Sardines, the centre portion should be rosy in colour, not black.
Number 5 - Most importantly with this particular variety, is the Sauce within the can.
The Sauce has to be balanced in colour, Sugar and Salt content.

It is advisable to try a spoonful of the Sauce.
It should be smooth and perfect to your satisfaction.

The following is a Recipe for Sardines with Vegetables.

You will need, 1 Onion, 2 -3 cloves of Garlic, 1 Tomato, Vegetable of your choice and the juice of half a Lemon.

UPO OPO - Mr. Goudas Recipes Opo Upo - Mr. Goudas Recipes

For our recipe, we have used the vegetable called Opo.
Above to the right, is the opo plant as it is before picking.
Above to the left, is a short opo, picked and ready for use.

You will find this vegetable in most Oriental grocery stores.

Of course, you may use Zucchini or Eggplant.



In large frying pan, pour a 2 Tbsp. of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Add sliced Onion, garlic and tomato in very thin small slices. Wash and slice the Opo into very thin slices and cut to one-inch size.

Sautee all the vegetables for approximately 2 to 3 minutes.
Add the contents of one can of Sardines and the Lemon Juice.
Stir to blend in with the vegetables and heat for an additional 2 to 3 minutes.

Remember, the Sardines are already cooked and overcooking would make them become hard.

You may add some hot sauce, if you so choose.
You know we love Mr. Goudas Trinidad Style Hot Sauce.

Believe it or not, in the Philippines, this dish is an appetizer.

You may serve this with Rice or Rice Vermicelli.

Although this dish may not appeal to certain nationalities, this particular dish is a major delicacy in the countries mentioned above.

As you know, when we make a Recipe, all of us employees become taste testers.

This dish was very different to most of us, since we have only been familiar with Sardines in Oil as a base for Sandwiches.

Mr. Goudas was right all along about this type of Sardine idea.