What a photo! We have to give credit to our* photographer.

We sincerely hope he enjoyed every bite of this burger!

This plate looks absolutely inviting.

A burger lover's delight. Um hum!

Long, delicious-looking French Fries which should be eaten one at a time with your fingers.

And dipped either in Heinz Ketchup or the accompanying dressing.

A thick hamburger patty garnished with rings of onions, plump tomato slices, and fresh lettuce.

Set on an extraordinarily large Sesame Seed bun and held together with what appears to be a BIG toothpick.

The Sesame Seeds topping on the bun look so fresh and white in colour which indicate that the seeds are top quality.

(Discolouration in Sesame Seeds mean 2nd or 3rd rejected quality.) 

The bun is approximately 4 to 5 inches in diameter.
The hamburger is the same diameter as the bun and 3/4 of an inch thick.

It will be necessary to hold this burger with the palm of both your hands.

Before biting into the hamburger, you will have to do some mouth-opening exercises.
Try roaring like a lion a couple times.

Here we go now. Bite. Close your eyes, imagine the forest. Chomp and chew.

After the first or second bite, return the burger to the plate. Swallow and gently pick up a French Fry, (do not attack the French Fries) SIMPLY pick up ONE WHOLE FRY, DIP in the dip of your choice and gently bite.

Some restaurants have Onion Rings as well.

You may have some of those too, or as an alternative.

Continue this rotation of events until you have the last bite.
Then, and ONLY THEN are you allowed to lick you fingers.

Hamburgers like this are not easy to find.
They are definitely NOT available in fast food or drive through restaurants.

The time will come, maybe, that you may be fed up with indigestion from the deep-fried burgers and drive thru joints that advertise on posts and you see the big macoco, double or triple bedecker, with French fries to accompany your meal.
Finally, you drive to a booth pay your bill, pickup your bag and a drink, drive to an unoccupied parking spot, and gobble your burger.

Then your surprise begins. When you ordered on the post, it was such a perfect picture combo and that was the attraction to purchase in the first place.

Now, you realize what the word lilipoutos means.

(Channel your thoughts to Gulliver in Lilliput, the book or the movie).

The size of the burger is about 3 to 3 1/4 inches, there are maybe one or two Sesame Seeds on the top.

The burger itself has the thickness of a miniature CD disc and upon chewing, you feel like it must have been one of the rubber insoles that you threw out from your shoes last week.

Now you dig into the bag for your fries. Oh, sorry, uneven cut Pieces of fries. Oohh NOOOH, peeasaaayyssss.
(Suddenly, in your mind you think I hope I got the right change at least, after all this.)

Did we give you an accurate description of the situation? Did we miss anything?

Unfortunately, we cannot put the names of the hamburger joints and the drive through.

We believe we have given a good portrayal of the situation.

Sometimes it is time consuming to make a Hamburger at home.

However, if you have the patience, it's really easy.

Purchase approximately 2 lbs Ground Beef (Lean) from your butcher.

Place in a marinating bowl.

Add the following ingredients: Finely chopped onion, tomato, celery, chive, parsley, a clove of garlic.

Plus 1 tsp of Black Pepper, Paprika, Italian Seasoning Spice, 1 tbsp. of Soy Sauce, Tamarind Sauce, Worchester Sauce and Mr. Goudas Trinidad Style Hot Sauce.

Combine all ingredients. Cover and allow to marinate (overnight or a couple hours) in refrigerator.

Pinch off a handful of meat form into oval shaped patties.
Heat oven to 375 degrees F.

Place formed patties on a lightly oiled Roasting Pan. Cover and place in oven for 45 minutes.

Remove pan from oven. Carefully remove the cover.

Gently flip the patties over.

You may baste the top of the patties with drippings in the roasting pan.

Return pan, uncovered, into the oven and continue cooking for an additional 15 to 20 minutes until meat is cooked to your level of rarity.

Toppings for Hamburger: Lettuce, Tomato slices, Onion slices (or separate your onion slices to form individual rings of onion).
Ketchup, Mustard and Relish, if you so choose.

As an alternative to French Fries, try the following: Wash and peel one each of the following: Cucumber, Carrot and Celery Stalk.

Cut each in half, and then lengthwise into thin slices.

Pour some Creamy Caesar or Ranch Salad Dressing into a bowl and use as a dipping sauce for your vegetables.

Hope you enjoy this personal recipe.

From our house to yours, with love.

*Photo courtesy of Spyros Peter Goudas

He advised that he could only eat such a meal once every few years.

Otherwise, he would have to follow the guidelines in his book: Overweight, Highway to a Healthy Life.

You may stock your Spice Rack with the complete line of Mr. Goudas Spices.

The Mr. Goudas Tamarind Sauces and Trinidad Style Hot Sauce adds a special flavour to your meat dishes.


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