APPETIZERS would become a full course meal.

Appetizers are food items served before the main course of the meal.

In the photo, you see a dish with a few slices of Cucumbers, a couple of hot or mild Peppers, some Tomato slices, a few Pickled Cucumber slices, a little shredded Carrot, pieces of Romaine Lettuce.

Some chopped Parsley and some Meat Balls (which may be made from ground Chick Peas for Vegetarians).

You may add a couple of Olives, a few slices of Cheese, etc., by this time your appetizer would become a full course.

Appetizers -  Goudas recipes

sausage weiners_Mr goudas rcipes

Tomateoes_Mr. Goudas sea salt

Mr.Goudas baked Lima Beans_Appetizers

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Mr.Goudas Recipes_Appetizers

Mr Goudas Recipes_Appetizers

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Appetizers_ Mr Goudas Recipes

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