Now what is the difference between an Armenian and a Greek Salad?

One is from the Armenian recipe and the other, from a Greece recipe.
Does this not make sense?

Usually, the Greek Salad has larger chunks of tomato, whole slices of cucumber, bigger slices of onions, Olives, swimming in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Mr. Goudas brand of course), oregano, Feta Cheese, and no lemon.

Armanian Salad- Goudas Recipes Greeks love to dip their bread and fingers in the Olive Oil that has blended with the juice from the tomato, and the Armenians are not able to do that because they use Pita bread which does not absorb any liquid.

(Please note that there is a Greek Salad Recipe, which I created some time ago, on this same website.)

I would like to relate the following:

A fellow Armenian friend and business associate of mine, Haroot Sarkissian, called me one evening to find out if I were in the office.

Of course, I was in the office that is why they call me a work-a-holic.

He proceeded to invite me for an evening out for dinner.

I told him I was busy but would appreciate him bringing me something to eat.

Some time later, he popped by the office and set up what he had brought from home.

Each of the dishes were ideal for photos.

The Pita Bread, the Dips, the Yoghurt Milk and, of course, the Armenian salad.

Upon looking at the salad-shown in the photo, I said to him: What kind of salad is this? Everything was in small cubes no more than a quarter of an inch, from tomato, to cucumber, to onion, and lots of plain parsley, salt, black pepper, a dash of lemon, very little Olive Oil, and imagine, without Feta Cheese and oregano?

He laughed and said The Armenian Salad is much better than the Greek Salad, try it.

Another note worthy difference was that I did not need a fork to eat the salad, I needed a spoon.

I must say, the entire Armenian meal was delicious.

During dinner he continually tried to persuade me to admit that the Armenian Salad tasted better than the Greek.

Peter Goudas- Goudas recipes
Well, this was impossible due to the fact that my recipes are read by thousands of people and somewhere along the line, the Greek government would obtain a copy and promptly ask me to return my passport, sign a document denying my Greek citizenship and disallow me from returning to Greece, even for a vacation.

I hope this made you laugh.

Throughout dinner, he gave me the history of the genocide of the Greeks and Armenians .

Maybe he did not realize that I was well aware of this history, and I mentioned to him that my mother, Thekla, was born in Smyrna, Asia Minor.

I told him, to read my biography titled, The Immigrant, and the Rice Pudding book on the website where all this information is documented.

I hope you try the recipe for The Armenian Salad which is incorporated in this story and admit that it is the second best salad.

In addition, I hope with this final statement, although the Greek government keeps defaulting on their loan payments causing the Euro to go up and down like a yo-yo, affecting the Canadian and U.S. dollars and the world economy, resulting in financial trouble all over the world.

That a small country like Greece with less than 10 million people, maybe, just maybe, will be able to decorate me with a GOLD-PLATED, GOLD MEDAL (not wanting to bankrupt the country any further than it already is).

Spyros Peter Goudas


Haroot Sarkissian, an associate to Goudas Foods in the distribution of Middle Eastern Foods, and a long time friend of Mr. Goudas, took one of the biggest steps in his life.

In a beautiful traditional Armenian-style double wedding, Haroot said Oh Yes I Do to Sona and his brother, Berge did the same with Hayganosh.

The brides, two beauties from Armenia, were ravishing in their gowns.
The mother of the grooms were overjoyed.

Mr. Goudas states that usually brides are beautiful, but these two brides radiated an extra special beauty.

The reception was a celebration of the marriage, everyone participated in the celebration.
However, we noted that except for the brides and grooms dancing together in the initial stages of the celebration, the dancing was a group celebration.
For example, everybody, and we mean everybody, formed a large circle by holding hands, making small steps forward and backwards.

A live band provided the musical entertainment. There were also two native Armenians, one playing a drum and the other a wind instrument throughout the occasion.

There was a wonderful assortment of appetizers and main courses and a huge assortment of desserts.

An Armenian wedding is a very big holiday.
The ceremony included betrothal, engagement and a traditional wedding itself.
In the days of old, the celebration was a seven-day event.
Today it is more to the modern day norm.

Presentation of presents was a completely separate ceremony.
The relatives of the grooms, the brides and the guests gave the newly married couples jewelry, fabrics, household goods, and money.

Having a large circle of guests is part of the tradition. Generally, the closest married couple known to the groom and the bride, referred to as the God family is important, and are witnesses to the event.
The God family must be an exemplary couple. The Godfather brings the most expensive wedding gift-That explains the Lamborghini in the parking lot.

The wedding ceremony was filled with special moments.
For example, there was a moment referred to as the redemption of the brides where sums of money were requested. It was the Godfathers, honor to find this amount (which was symbolic).

The brides were taken to the altar by their sponsors. It was responsibility of the God families for the new families throughout the celebration from beginning to end.

At the wedding, the brides each cuddled a boy child, symbolizing the desire to have a male first-born.

Another tradition we overheard during the celebration was the presentation of a red apples symbolizing virginity to the brides, home.

From all of us at Goudas : Congratulations to both couples.
We sincerely wish them the very best.


Please Note: Salt is used as an ingredient in many recipes from all over the world, however, in this website, we have mentioned the ingredient salt, in the following recipes