Welcome to the world of Mung Beans.

Mung Beans are green on the outside and yellow on the inside and are cultivated in Australia, Burma, Peru and Thailand and on a small scale in Sri Lanka and the Philippines.

Naturally, there are hundreds of recipes related to this variety of beans.

YouTube has endless ways of cooking the Mung Beans, including how to germinate them into Mung Beans Sprouts (which will be discussed separately), and methods of extracting the starch in the beans to make desserts and jellies.

Mung Beans are popular in Asian cuisine, i.e. Japan, China, Korea, Burma, Sri Lanka, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam. In fact, it is the main dish in most of these countries.

The photo incorporated with this article is Mung Bean Soup with Spinach.

Simply bring 4 to 5 cups of water to a boil.

Spinach_ Mr Goudas Recipes_Mung Bean and Spinach SoupWater_ Mr Goudas Recipes_Mung Bean and Spinach Soup

Add a handful of Spinach, a diced Onion, and a few pieces of shredded Carrot to the boiling water.

Add a cup of Mung Beans, salt and black pepper to taste.

Mr Goudas Table Salt_Mr Goudas Recipes Mung Beans_Mr Goudas recipes_ Mung Beans and Spinach Soup

You may add a drop or two of Oil and continue boiling for approximately 20 minutes.

Transfer to soup bowl.

Taste a spoonful.

You will be surprised to find yourself enjoying this delicious, nutritious soup.

There are differences in the preference to the size of the Mung Beans.

In this category, the responsibility of Goudas Foods is to ensure that the beans are clean (to the best of our ability), uniform in size, slightly polished, and with no skin defects.

As you become familiar with the taste of the Mung Beans, and assuming you like it, you will find yourself experimenting with the different ways of preparing them.

Mung Beans may eventually become part of your weekly diet.

As a subject, the Mung Bean category is endless with respect to preparation and consumption depending upon the countries and nationalities that favour them.

As I am writing this small article, I realize that I am 70 years young and I have all the experience in the world in the food business and obviously by reading this you are familiar with my recipes, which include foods and preperation from countries around the world.

You may have read somewhere within my biography titled, The Immigrant, or my book, Miracles Still Do Happen, that I am a work-a-holic and I have utilized all my years in doing or producing something, including on weekends and holidays.  For example, I wrote the Mango Tree book on New Year's Day 2012.

My things-to-do list is unlimited, in spite of the fact that my time is limited.

Therefore, I suggest that should you have a recipe for Mung Beans or any other subject, submit it to along with a photo of the final outcome. 

Upon reviewing your submission, I will post it on this website along with your name.

LIMA Beans_ MR Goudas_Mung Beans and Spinach SoupPlease make sure in your submission that you do not bad-mouth, criticize or negate any other company's products.  Who knows?  Maybe you may win the first prize of 100 Million Malaguayan Doolies on the next interntional competion for the best recipe in the world.

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Please do not laugh, this is a very, very serious matter and I would like to see your submission, the sooner, the better.

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Spyros Peter Goudas

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