Hello there!
Are you the type of individual who enjoys a good breakfast in the morning before you go to work?
Then, this is the recipe for you.
The omelette that you see in the photo was made by me.

The ingredients and instructions are very simple:
1 Can Mr. Goudas Vienna Sausages,
1 medium sized onion,
2 tbsp. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (you know which brand, right),
1 or 2 eggs,
1 tsp. Mr. Goudas Trinidad Style Hot Sauce,
Salt and Black Pepper.

There are a few reputable brands of Vienna Sausages on the market beside mine, e.g. Grace, Hereford.
However, I am particularly fond of the Goudas line of Viennas, (Smile, make a happy face.) since they are made from chicken.

Mr Goudas Vienna Sausage_Mr Goudas recipesMr Goudas Vienna Sausage_Mr Goudas recipes

Raccoons absolutely adore Mr. Goudas Vienna Sausages as a snack.

They finished the viennas one sausage at a time.

Mr Goudas Vienna Sausage_Mr Goudas recipes

Back to the preparation.

Dice the onion.

onions_Goudas recipes_sliced Onions

Heat up the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a medium sized frying pan.

Mr Goudas Extra Virgin Olive Oil_Mr Goudas recipes
Add diced onion and saute for a minute.

Cut Vienna sausages lengthwise, as per photo, or round.
The choice is yours.

Let me pause for a moment to explain the difference.
You are in your office talking to someone on the phone.
Hopefully, you have a piece of paper and a pencil in front of you.

Remember them, pencil and paper because lately, everyone is so tech savvy.
Paper and pencils are becoming things of the past.

You do not really have to write anything down, but you are prepared to take notes, just in case. However, you start making design (doodles).
You may be the type to make perfect, round circles and you believe that they are the most perfect circles in the world.
On the other hand, you are the type that creates perfect square boxes, or perfect lines in a frame.

What I am trying to tell you is that there many people with many different preferences.

Therefore, I will not insist that you cut them as per photo.
Lengthwise or round, the choice is yours.
Taste one and allow your mind to wonder a little.
That one is considered an appetizer.

Add the sausage to the sauting onions and allow them to heat up for a couple minutes since they are precooked.
Stir a couple times, and only a couple times, not too many times, because they will become very dizzy.

After this, position them properly, like in the army.
Leave some breathing space in between them.

Whisk (beat) a couple eggs in a small bowl.

eggsgoudas recipes_ eggs

(You need verification from your doctor as to whether you are allowed one or two eggs at a time).

Peter Spyros Goudas_Goudas RecipesThe reason I am telling you this, is because as I am writing this recipe, February 18, 2012, in one month, I will be 70 years old, and at my recent visit to the doctor, he told me I am allowed to see eggs with binoculars only.



Back to the preparation.

MR GOUDAS SALT AND BLACK PEPPER_MR GOUDAS RECIPEAdd a pinch of salt, black pepper and Mr. Goudas Trinidad Style Hot Sauce to the beaten eggs.

Carefully pour beaten eggs around the sausages, completely filling the frying pan.

Allow to cook for a few minutes.

It is very, very important in the end preparation, either you leave the cooked omelette the way it is in the picture (referred to as a running egg) or you gently flip it over and cook the other side.

The flipping over situation is not an easy task.

I consider myself a good cook and I can cook anything under the sun, from any nationality or part of the world due to the fact that I produce more than 1,000 products.

However, when it comes to the flipping technique, I have never mastered it.

I tend to loose half of the omelette during the flipping over.
That half usually ends up on the floor.

Mr Goudas Books_ My Pets_Goudas RecipesWhen I had my pets, Koukla and Irma, they loved the smell of eggs cooking.
They were always alert for the moment I tried to master flipping the omelette.

By the way, did you know that I wrote a book about my pets?
Check it out on the site.

It is a wonderful, loving story and considered by many to be one the best books ever written about pets.

The Koukla Story has been translated in a variety of languages and has been already recorded in English, Greek, Italian and Spanish.

You should read it the next time you have Mr. Goudas Vienna Sausage Omelette.

Let us get back to our breakfast.

Transfer the omelette unto a plate.
That is also another technique to master.

I am pretty good at that.
I do not have eggs hanging all over the plate.

_Tomato_Olives_Mr Goudas Products_ Mr Goudas Oregano_Eggs_ Goudas Recipes

Now that you have your omelette nicely positioned on the plate.

You may garnish with a few slices of tomato, cucumber or a pickle.
The presentation is very important.

_Tomato_Olives_Mr Goudas Products_ Mr Goudas Oregano_Eggs_ Goudas Recipes
Add a slice or two of bread.

Bread_Tomato_Olives_Mr Goudas Products_ Mr Goudas Foods_Eggs_ Goudas Recipes

Have a glass of milk, a cup of tea or coffee.

Tea_Coffee_Mr Goudas Products_ Mr Goudas Foods_Eggs_ Goudas Recipes

 Or a delicious glass of Sun Della Citrus Punch orange, mango or tropical.

There you a go. A breakfast fit for a king or queen or just for you!

Mr Goudas Products_ Mr Goudas Foods_Eggs_ Goudas Recipes

Since I am on the breakfast subject, I would like to express something that always bothered me.

You may be like me. I sometimes frequent restaurants, alone or with a client or business associate from another part of the world.

At the restaurant, I would request breakfast, for example, since my associate may be hours ahead or behind. He does not want something heavy so he may request an Omelette.

The waiter, anticipating an order, looks at me. When I do finally verbalize my request for an Omelette, the response is usually that breakfast is not served at 7:00 p.m.

This is the moment I begin to see stars and flip out suggesting that it s very simple to tell the chef to break two eggs, make an Omelette and serve it.
What is the big deal? Why the fuss?
In addition, should my request be denied, that would the last time that I enter those premises.

O, my goodness. I love restaurants that serve breakfasts all day long.
I cannot eat eggs any more, but I love those restaurants.

Enjoy your breakfast!

Dear friends: Over the years, I have created many, many products and I have written many recipes. I always have one thing in my mind when creating a recipe:
I visualize that I am speaking to a beginner because people who know how to cook do not need my instructions they only need the best ingredients that I produce to work with.

I also have to mention that over the years, I have had numerous individuals correspond with me, by phone or my mail, locally, nationally or internationally, informing me that, for instance, their spouse who always did the cooking passed away recently, and that while looking through the cupboards they have found a can of beans or peas, a bag of flour or some product that they do not know what to do with.

Usually those people are the types who have no idea of what a casserole is, or a spatula, how to boil water or even turn on the stove.

Therefore, they are quite comfortable with the details in my recipes that allow them to become familiar with the cooking process, step-by-step.

And that eventually, they would be able to do a variety of cooking and would always use my products.

Spyros Peter Goudas
Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας


Please Note: Eggs may be used in thousands of recipes from all over the world, however, in this website, we have mentioned the ingredient eggs, in the following recipes.