So you purchased a couple slices of Salmon.


Do you have any idea what you are going to do with them?

Do you have any culinary skills? Or are you the first time, curious type?

Please do not worry or panic. The following recipe is for beginners, or for experts in Salmon cooking techniques.

Here is a small story.

A few years ago, I wrote a booklet titled, Baked Salmon. In one area of the book it was stated that I was doing my job and the cleaning lady was doing her job cleaning the floor.

A few months after the publication of the book, a lady called the office on a Sunday afternoon and asked to speak to Mr. Goudas.

I answered the phone but I did not want to tell her who I was. So I told her that no one was in the office except me, and I was the cleaner looking after the floors.

Automatically, she says: You are a liar. With a trembling voice, I asked why she called me a liar. She responded: Because Mr. Goudas does not have a male floor cleaner, but a lady.

It was not too long after I realized that she had just read the book, Baked Salmon.

I had no alternative but to tell her who I was. Oh what a thrill it was for her! She wanted to tell me that for the last 50 years once a week she grilled a piece of Salmon Steak for her husband who apparently loves this fish.

This time she followed my recipe to the last detail and instead of making grilling, she made Baked Salmon.

To her surprise, after eating the dinner, her husband gave her a KISS. She was so happy because it was a very long time since she had received a kiss of appreciation from him.

Nevertheless, this couple is French Canadian from the Montreal area but apparently for some reason or another had never visited Toronto.

However, she mentioned if they to ever visit to Toronto it would be a pleasure to take me to dinner.

A few months later, within the dinner, she told me how to make Grilled Salmon Steak.

She mentioned in the last few years she had purchased the George Foreman Grilling Machine. It works very, very good.

Brush Salmon steaks with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt, pepper and lemon. Place on the machine for a few minutes since salmon does not need extended heat. And according to her, VOILA! However, this method of cooking never resulted in a kiss.

Serve with steamed vegetables, and a side dressing, e.g. Thousand Island, Two Thousand Islands, because presentation makes all the difference in the world.

Take a look at the photo. Is it not worth one thousand islands, oh, sorry, I mean, one thousand words!

Bye the way, should you ever have a chance, read my book titled: Baked Salmon. May be you will find yourself getting some special kisses.

Spyros Peter Goudas
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