Have you ever purchased a box of shrimp and upon defrosting you begin to wonder where the shrimp swam to?

There must be a law penalizing companies who indulge in false presentation.

It seems to me that I purchased 2 to 3 inch long frozen Shrimp. I defrosted them and I tried to cook them. Right in front of my eyes they became less than one inch in size.

Sometimes, it would be better if you bought fresh Shrimp. You may pay a bit more, but in the end the shrimp would be almost the same size as you purchased.

Assuming you have a handful of fresh shrimp, wash them. Personally, I prefer to keep the tails and skin (shell) on.

Melt some butter in a frying pan and fry (sautee) the shrimp for a few minutes on each side. Over cooking causes them to become hard in texture.

Pour shrimp and melted butter over a bed of rice.

Another method of cooking Shrimp is in SHRIMP FRIED RICE.

Ideally, the rice should be cooked before. Leftover rice is okay.

In a large frying pan, sautee an onion, chopped carrots, celery, sweet peas, (a combination may be found in your grocery freezer section), zucchini, green peppers, a few hot peppers, or any desired vegetable in some Vegetable Oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

For this particular dish, you must remove the skin, and tail from the shrimps.

Add the shrimps in the last couple minutes of the sauteeing vegetables.

When the vegetables are almost cooked, add a dash or two of black pepper, 2 tablespoons of Mr. Goudas Trinidad Style Hot Sauce, and the already cooked rice.

Add a few dashes of Soya Sauce for colour and taste. Gently stir using a cooking fork until the colour becomes uniform.

This dish could be very, very delicious and you will probably become addicted. It is a great way to get rid of left over rice and vegetables.

One piece of advise: Do not use too much salt because every brand of Soya Sauce is filled with salt.

If in the future you decide to whip up this recipe, and assuming you fall in love with it, I would like to remind you that it is 2:30 a.m, on January 18, 2012 and I am sitting here writing this recipe for you.

I do not sell Shrimp, Zucchini, Green Peppers, Celery, Onions, or Carrots.

However, I do produce, package and carry over 1,000 products under the Mr. Goudas umbrella, including Mr. Goudas Extra Virgin Olive Olive which is required for this recipe. Also, the Mr. Goudas Trinidad Style Hot Sauce which takes your creation to another level, Mr. Goudas Salt and Black Pepper and a line of spices.

Of course, you do know that GOUDAS RICE IS VERY NICE! And the song is as follows:
Goudas Rice is very nice.
Goudas Rice is very nice.
It is good for Pelau
Or Chinese Fried Rice,
So take my advice

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Spyros Peter Goudas

Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας


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