What a big banana!
Of course, Only those nationalities who have no kowledge of this vegetable would make such a statement.
That big banana is called Plantain and is very common in tropical climates.

In fact, it is a very important part of the daily diet.

For example: the green plantains are great for boiling.
Simply wash and boil with the skin.
Boil until tender (or easily pierced with a fork).

Discard boiled water, and allow to sit in a bit of cold water for a few minutes.
Remove the skin and cut into slices to accompany you meal, for instance, a curry dish.

At this point you may mash it (like potatoes) and add some butter (great for babies).

The ripe plantain may also be boiled until tender, sliced and added as a side dish to the main meal.

However, it is commonly fried.

Wash the plantain. Remove the skin (peel).
Cut in half, then into thin, lengthwise slices.

Fry in heated oil until golden in colour on both sides.

Fried Plantains are a great accompaniment to Ackees and Codfish, fried eggs, rice and curry, Callalloo and stew Chicken, and many, many more dishes.

Fried plantain has a delicious sweet taste.


For those who have not tried plantains before in their lifetimes, may be it would be a good idea since the investment is not too much, less than a dollar, to try this at least once in your lifetime.

You never know, you may begin to like it and it may become part of your daily meal.

Vegetarians, you would love it.

40 years ago when I had my store on Baldwin in Kensington Market, I purchased a few cases of plantains in the green format.

I opened the cased and covered with a large garbage bag and within one week time, they all turned a beautiful yellow colour to the delight of my customers.

Over the years, I developed Plantain Chips in a snack bag format which is produced in Ecuador or Costa Rica.


It is a refreshing alternative to Potato Chips.

Dear friends: Over the years, I have created many, many products and I have written many recipes. I always have one thing in my mind when creating a recipe: I visualize that I am speaking to a beginner because people who know how to cook do not need my instructions they only need the best ingredients that I produce to work with.

I also have to mention that over the years, I have had numerous individuals correspond with me, by phone or my mail, locally, nationally or internationally, informing me that, for instance, their spouse who always did the cooking passed away recently, and that while looking through the cupboards they have found a can of beans or peas, a bag of flour or some product that they do not know what to do with.

Usually those people are the types who have no idea of what a casserole is, or a spatula, how to boil water or even turn on the stove.

PETER SPYROS GOUDAS Therefore, they are quite comfortable with the details in my recipes that allow them to become familiar with the cooking process, step-by-step.

And that eventually, they would be able to do a variety of cooking and would always use my products.

Spyros Peter Goudas
Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας