Have you seen photos of those perfect Roast Beef in advertisements and wished you could perfect your?

With the following instructions, we hope you accomplish great results.

Pick up a Roast at your supermarket or butcher.

Marinating ingredients include Salt, Black Pepper, Steak Spice, large Onion, 2 cloves of Garlic. Mr. Goudas Tamarind Sauce, Mr. Goudas Trinidad Hot Sauce, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Wash Roast. Do not remove string if attached.
Place Roast in a large bowl with cover that you should consider your marinating bowl.

Pierce lightly with a sharp knife in a few strategic places so that the spices will penetrate.

Sprinkle 1 tsp. Salt, Black Pepper and Steak Spice over Roast.

Finely dice onion and garlic and place a few pieces into the piercing made with the knife and rub in and around rest of the roast with 2 tbsp of Tamarind Sauce and 1 or 2 tbsp of Trinidad style Hot Sauce.

Allow Roast to marinate for a few hours or overnight if you prefer.

Transfer Roast to a Roasting Pan with a lid.
Mix one cup of water and a cup of Mr.Goudas Extra Virgin Olive Oil over roast and into pan.

Heat oven to 375 degrees F and cook Roast for about 1 hour.
Remove lid and baste with gravy formed in pan.
Turn Roast over.

Continue cooking for an additional hour checking every 15 to 20 minutes until Roast reaches your desired tenderness.

Taste is one issue, tenderness is another.

Colour presentation is very important.

To achievee the perfect colour, we do not want you to go to the a paint store and choose the colour of your choice, but you have to turn on the Grill factor of your oven and carefully monitor the colour change in the Roast.

Add small amounts of water and Tamarind Sauce to increase gravy, if you so choose.

Remember to cut the string off roast before serving.
The string neither tastes good nor digests well!

I would like to remind you that when we create our Recipes, we consider the rookies.
Those new to cooking or those new to this cut of meat.

Spyros Peter Goudas
Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας