You have two choices. First, take your fishing rod, and go for a vacation down in the Caribbean someplace, rent a boat, and do your homework.

On the other hand: go to your local fish store and ask the fish man for some fresh King Fish.
Ask him to cut two slices for each person depending on the diameter of the fish.

Some of them are as big as six or seven inches in diameter. Referred to as the fatso king fish, therefore in this instance you only need one slice per person.

Preparation: Wash fish with fresh lime or lemon.
Soak fish in a bowl of water for a minute or two.
Discard water and pat dry.
And, according to Mr. Goudas, give them the lemon treatment.

Fresh lemons are preferable.

Even though he sells lemon juice, he says fresh lemons taste better in cooking.

Lightly sprinkle each side with flour.

The rest is very simple.

In a large frying pan, place some oil and heat gently.

Fry for two minutes on either side.

Transfer fish to casserole and place the oven at 350 degrees for approximately 5 to 8 minutes until cooked.

As you can see, it takes very little time to cook.

Serve as is, or with French Fries, Baked Potatoes and salad of your choice.

You will notice that the King Fish has only one bone in the center so you do not have to fight for the bone.

We had this for lunch on November 15, 2008 at the office.
I.e. the skeleton staff in on Saturdays.

Of course, the story that continues has nothing to do with cooking fish.

As always, the meal is accompanied by a funny story from Mr. Goudas.

These three guys, experts in printing, decided to print money,$l0, $20 and $50 bills.
They had all the preparations, ink, paper, dye and state of the art equipment.
Finally, they did all the production.
In the end, they realized that all bill instead of $l0, $20 and $50 all turned out to be $15 bills.
Obviously, the typesetter made an error.
Initially they were worried.
However, one of them said, do not worry, I will cash all of them.
He had it in mind to go to small variety stores.
He approached the first one, gave the $15 bill to the innocent owner requesting change.
He took the bill, placed it next to the cash register, pressed the button and opened the till.
He looked at the bill one more time, and with a heavy Korean accent, asked the guy, Do you want a 7 and an 8 or two 3s and a 9.

Thank heaven the fish only had one bone otherwise we would have choked on the bones from laughing.

Just because we give you a recipe for products Mr. Goudas does not sell, do not forget that our company has many wonderful products.

Goudas on the label means good food on the table.

The KING FISH picture is courtesy of Spyros Peter Goudas.

Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας

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