FUFU (also spelled Fufuo - foo foo, depending on the tribe)

National Food of Ghana (And we dont mean Guyana in South America which the variations of cooking are very different).

This dish is also very popular in Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Togo.
The routes of Fufu recipe go centuries ago. This dish is eaten throughout Ghana, but it is the traditional food of the Akans (a tribe in Ghana).

The main ingredients can be either plantain flour and cassava, yams and cassava, potato and cassava, or cocoyam and cassava.
The Fufuo appears like mashed potatoes but its thicker and has a starchy and sticky quality.
This dish is served with chicken, beef, fish, or any other soup.

The Akans tribe also enjoys this dish with the accompaniment of peanut butter soup (see below). The preparation and ingredients below is meant for 2 persons.


2 cups of water
1 can of Chicken Broth
2 cups of your choice of plantain flour, or any of the above mentioned choices 
1 cup of cassava flour

Mix the ingredients before you put the mixture in the fire.
Put the stove in Medium-High heat and put the pot on the fire. While it heats, continue stir consistently for approximately 15 minutes until the contents become thick.

Add a little water as it becomes thicker to achieve the perfect texture.
Cover the pot and leave it to cook for approximately 5 minutes.
Stir the final product and serve with the soup of your choice.

For a light soup use the below ingredients:

2-3 cups of water
1 cup of Chicken Broth (with no MSG)
Any meat you prefer (chicken, beef, fish, etc)
2 Ripped Tomatoes
1 Onion
Season with garlic powder or 2 cloves of fresh garlic
Season with fresh hot chilli pepper
Salt and pepper to taste
1 tsp Ginger powder (optional)
1 tbsp of tomato paste

Marinate the chicken with the onion, garlic, tomatoes, and chilli.
Steam in the pot for approximately 10-15 minutes. In the African tradition, steaming means the following. Put a quarter of a cup of chicken broth, as well as the marinated ingredients in the pot, cover and let the ingredients steam for 10-15 minutes.
Make sure the garlic, tomatoes, chilli, and onion are whole (not chopped) during the steaming process. Add ginger powder if you prefer. After the steaming, take out the tomatoes, chilli and onion, and put in the blender until they are smooth.
Add this mixture back to the pot and add the 2-3 cups of water.
Boil for an additional 30 minutes until the chicken cooks. Serve with the Fufuo.

If you are not allergic to peanuts, then this soup can also be combined with peanut butter, which makes it taste even better. Take 3-4 tbsp smooth peanut butter and mix with cup of warm water in a small pot. Let it cook until you see the oil rise to the top.
Stir constantly to avoid burning. Put this mixture in the prepared soup and stir until the ingredients are mixed together. You now have prepared the traditional Ghana peanut butter soup.
This soup can also be served with rice. However, the rice cannot be served the common way (plain) but it has to be cooked a little longer so it becomes softer.
Add more water and with a wooden spoon, mash the rice until it becomes thick.
Scoop it into balls and serve with the peanut butter soup.
This recipe is traditionally called Emutuo, or simply rice balls.

You can add Okra (a handful, cut in small pieces) as preferred.

Many thanks to Nelly and Bernard who provided us with this recipe.

This couple is originally from Kumasi, Ghana and even though they have lived in Canada for many years, they still keep their cooking traditions alive.

A TRIP TO GHANA, IN  AFRICA By Spyros Peter Goudas


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