While on Mr. Goudas trip to Costa Rica, where he gave a speech to the Cacia Organization, a group of delegates took him to one of the Costa Rican restaurants to try the native cuisine.

Dinner was served, and there was this sauce, served as a dressing, that Mr. Goudas thought was absolutely wonderful and he wanted to know what it was.

As is his custom, he went directly to the chef, who also happened to be the owner of the establishment.

The owner confided to him that it was his own special sauce made of mango pulp, orange juice, coconut, cane vinegar, lemon juice and habanero peppers.

It was difficult to describe the excitement this created in Mr. Goudas' mind.

COSTA RICA- MR. GOUDAS BOOKS- MANGO COCONUT SAUCEHe had to have this sauce!!. It was his task for the next few months. It was his homework to capture that indescribable taste, develop it to the Mr. Goudas perfection, and present it to the world.

When the shipment of a finished product finally arrives at the office, the staff, salesmen included, are always used as guinea pigs, sorry, I mean taste testers.

Well, everyone was in agreement: This Mango Coconut sauces were delicious, really delectable.
It created such excitement that Mr. Goudas said maybe this sauce will cause him to be very famous even after he is gone.

This product along with a few others will be available at your local independent store or supermarket soon.

Please request, by name, Mr. Goudas Mango Coconut Pepper Sauce.

We are certain that you will be pleased with this product and like, Mr. Goudas, you will wonder how you lived your life up to this point, without it.

Enjoy. We know you will!