The exact year of discovery of this delicacy is not well known, but we can trace its history for at least 200 years.

Halvas is very popular in the Middle East, as well as Turkey and Greece.

Halva is very popular in India also but known as HALWA.

Its a delicacy and cooked frequently for religious gathering as well.

It is for one to know that in India they don,t call semolina but SOOZI.

It is very simple to make, if you follow the Steps 1, 2, 3, and 4.

To make it a little bit easier you need

1 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Soya Oil
2 cups semolina
3 cups 100% pure cane sugar
4 cups water

Now let us see how you create it.

First thing, place semolina in a pot under medium heat and stir constantly with a wooden spoon until golden in colour.

Pour the oil over the semolina and continue to stir until the oil is absorbed.
This takes about 5 or 7 minutes. Turn off stove.

In another pot bring water to a boil.

Add sugar and stir until the liquid turns into a syrup.

Pour the syrup over the semolina and blend together.

Pour into a tray and allow to cool.

Once cool, flip unto a plate and garnish with pieces of walnut, almonds, coconut flakes or any topping your heart desires.

Your friends and visitors will love you for this.

You may reduce the sugar content.


halva goudas recipes

Goudas recipes_Halva

This recipe was revealed to Mr. Goudas himself by Mrs. Avra Moliviatis who told him that his semolina is the best for the creation of Halva.

HALVA RECIPE was revealed to Mr. Goudas himself by Mrs. Avra Moliviatis

In the picture you can see Mrs. Moliviatis after Mr. Goudas told her it is the best Halva he ever enjoyed.



We hope you enjoy it as much as he did.

The story was written by Spyros Peter Goudas with the assistance of Bernadette Scott.