Mr. Goudas 9 Symphony Bean Mix Eat, and Music Will Follow.

The first can of 9 beans Mix Symphony rolled off the production line on April 7, 1998.

This label has been the subject of many discussions.

It is considered one of the funniest labels in the world. 

A lot of study and thought went into its creation and composition.

Inspired by the work of the famous composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, who had such skill in composing musical masterpieces, Mr. Goudas thought to duplicate such acoustic works of art through the 9 Symphony Bean Mix (where it is best enjoyed discreetly, or depending on the environment, shared among the public).

9 Bean Symphony Mix - Mr. Goudas Recipes 9 Bean Symphony Mix - Mr. Goudas Recipes


Mr. Goudas feels, that he has created such a magnificent product that if Beethoven was alive, he would definitely appreciate the crystal clear quality of this new work of art.

Mr. Goudas' 9 Symphony is displayed showing respective instruments, such as the bass and guitar, which are always a pleasure to listen to.

Depending on the time of day you decide to eat the 9 Symphony Bean Mix, you may even be able to achieve sounds, close enough to rival the high notes once emanating from the famous soprano, Maria Callas.

Production: Since the label was so magnificent and unique, Goudas Foods thought of putting nothing but the best quality beans in the can that could contribute a melodic accolade to his enormous bean composition efforts.

Something people do not realize about such a product, is that 9 Symphony Bean Mix beans do not cook for the same length of time, or for that matter, at the same temperature setting.

Each bean variety must be pre-soaked and cooked separately following Mr. Goudas' cooking time requirements.

After gathering and mixing each perfectly cooked bean together, (which is where Mr. Goudas believes the beans are starting to choose which instrument they will play once you have eaten them), they are off to the sterilization process, where each bean is cleansed.

In the sterilization process, all the beans are rehearsing and making sure that their instruments are in tip-top shape to produce such harmonious melodies pleasing even the pickiest of ears.

Here are some comments from customers who have dared to try 9 Symphony Bean Mix:

Douglas J. McIntosh Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I have tried the Mr. Goudas 9 Symphony Bean Mix and failed to hear the symphonic acoustics.
My son, however, being less inhibited, discovered the 9 octaves.
He composed his observations into a sonnet to be dedicated to those born without the benefit of gas.
He was exhausted, but nevertheless, he titled the following:

Four Strong Winds

Mr Goudas Beans
So wise, so frugal!
Buy Goudas Beans
"They'll turn your ass into a bugle..."

As we are all music lovers in one way or another, this consumer has obviously reached musical enlightenment, which only the Monks of Tibet can truly admire and appreciate.

We humans are only able to differentiate 7 musical sounds, but it appears that his son was able to break through the barrier with the help of the 9 Symphony Bean Mix.

On the other hand, another 9 Symphony Bean Mix consumer sent a letter to Mr. Goudas explaining his adventure on a plane.

This gentleman enjoyed a can of 9 Symphony Bean Mix before departing, knowing very well that sometimes the airline food served is unbearable, and in some cases outright disgusting.

He passed the additional terror inspections and baggage check, and finally boarded the aircraft, where he sat comfortably on the cotton-nylon woven chair.

At one point, he felt the need to release a barrage of musical notes.
He felt it was an absolute masterpiece for all to enjoy.
This held true for most until the stage two of such a release kicked into the air supply.

One passenger notified him politely, and said, ..."It is very dangerous to carry weapons of mass destruction on the plane, how is it that you passed baggage check?"

Note from Mr. Goudas:
"We hope we have been able to make you laugh a little bit."

Enough with the jokes. Let us get serious for a moment.
There is nothing in this world that can be compared to this masterpiece.

As we said above, the beans are of the best variety in the world and individually cooked to perfection.

We suggest that you empty the contents of the can into a strainer.
Rinse the beans once and place them in a bowl.

Add a generous portion of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the juice of a fresh lemon, a pinch of oregano (if you like the taste), a couple slices of a clove of garlic and enjoy this beautiful nine bean mix.

From our kitchen to yours with love!

Peter Spyros Goudas

Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας

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