The papaya has been grown in tropical regions of the world for as long as history has been recorded.

The papaya is a pear shaped fruit with golden yellow skin when ripe.

The flesh is bright orange or pinkish when ripe, with small, round black seeds clustered in the center.

In the Canadian supermarket most of the papayas are of the small variety, however, if you really want to taste the "real" papaya, you will find them in most West Indian stores.

They come in the shape of a baseball and weigh between 2 to 3 pounds.

Mr. Goudas was the first to import this variety of the papaya via air freight back in the early 1970's.

The reason he air freighted them is because the fruit is very delicate and easily damaged by ground transportation.
Fruits coming up by ground transportation from Mexico, Florida, and other areas, for example, as the smaller variety of papaya are of a more durable quality.

Mr. Goudas Papaya is very delicious and extremely enjoyable. No other company has produced the papaya in chunks, tender and delectable as Mr. Goudas.
Eat them right out of the can and savor the flavour of that just-picked off the tree taste.

Dear Mr. Goudas and your wonderful employees,

I don't usually write letters of praise to food companies, as I find more fault with them than good.

However, after using your wide range of products for many years, I felt it necessary to comment on the excellent quality of your fruits, beans, etc.
The product that has done me the most good over the years has been your Papaya Chunks in the can. For years I suffered with high blood pressure and diabetes that was difficult to control with diet and exercise.

I had been on medications and insulins for a few years, along with regular visits to a dietition and doctor.
As hard as I tried to get better, nothing seemed to help. Then I happened upon an article in a medical journal (which was in my doctor's office) that extoled the virtues of adding papaya and papaya extract to a diabetic's diet.
I thought 'what do I have to lose?'.
I found one store in our town that carried your Papaya Chunks, bought as many as they had on the shelf, and starting using it at every meal.
After 2 weeks, I noticed my blood sugars were coming down and I was starting to lose a bit of weight. After about a month, my blood pressure was near mormal and I had lost 5 lbs.

Now a year later, my blood sugars are normal as is my blood pressure and I've lost 42 lbs! Of course, I still watched my diet, adding more of your beans and soups, but still eating lots of papaya.

My doctor is happy, I'm happy, and all my family and friends are happy! No more insulin or pills, just beans and papaya! Happy! Happy! Happy!

Thank you, Mr. Goudas, for helping me get my health back with your fabulous products!
Peace and Love,

Ellen McLeod Strathroy Ont

The Sunday Farmers' Market at Zapote, San José, Costa Rica offers exotic tropical fruits and produce.

Street musicians provide background music to liven up the already festive atmosphere.

The Zapote market is supposed to be the biggest of similar local markets. A must see for tourists.

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