Believe it or not, how many of you do not consider yourself awake until you have had your first cup of coffee, be it Maxwell House, Nescafe, Nabob, that Italian Espresso, Cappuccino or, lo and behold a demitasse of Greek Coffee.
And yes, we are talking about our need for caffeine.

Greeks enjoy coffee. Coffee shops are everywhere in Greece.
Some Greeks do not say good morning until that first demitasse
(flitzani - correct name for the coffee cup in Greek).

In the good old days, a pleasant day began with a few cups early in the morning and ended with a nightcap in the town square.
Having coffee in a Greek Cafe is an event.
It is sitting comfortably on a patio and having an apron-clad waiter at your disposal.

If you are a regular patron, he knows exactly how you drink your coffee and there is no room for error, because he may end up with a black eye.
(Of course this is a joke, Greek people are not violent - but if push comes to shove, then instead of one, you will have two black eyes).

Also after drinking the coffee, the cup is turned upside down, until the residue makes marks in the cup and someone within the group is usually capable of reading what the future holds.

As you can see in the pictures and from the expression on the gentleman's face, there is surprising and happy news. And you know something! Sometimes if the cup reader is good, maybe what he predicts comes through.
For example, this guy ( ALI BILGEN) predicted the price of rice in China.

Ali Mimmi George_Mr.Goudas recipes Ali Bilgen_Mr Goudas recipes_ coffee Greek and turkish

There are subtle variations in the preparation of each coffee cup for example: boiled sweet, semi sweet, black, over boiled sweet, under boiled sweet, over boiled with no bubbles, semi boiled with lots of bubbles, light with bubbles, double dose double sweet, etc., etc.
We could continue with variations to fill a book.

Many people believe coffee beans are black or brown, but as is evident in the picture coffee beans are red on the outside and white on the inside.

coffee beans_Mr Goudas recipes_ coffee Greek and turkish

We also see Mr. Goudas saying Buenos Dias to Senor Juan Valdez, the king of coffee.

Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas saying Buenos Dias to Senor Juan Valdez

Research has indicated that coffee was first brewed by the Arabians, but the first coffee shop was opened in Greece centuries ago, and to this day, the Greeks and the Turks have the strongest coffee in the world.

The preparation of Greek Coffee is very specific.

Briki_Ali Bilgen_Mr Goudas recipes_ coffee Greek and turkish

You need the following equipment: an Irbrik or briki, a small metallic pot with an unusually long handle and a demitasse, which is a small coffee cup (as seen in the picture).

Let us now prepare Greek Coffee for 2.

2 teaspoons of Greek coffee
2 demitasse (small cups) of cold water
Pour the cold water into the briki add coffee.
Place briki on hot stove and bring to a slight boil.
Just as the coffee begins to bubble and foam, remove from stove and pour into demitasse, place on appropriate saucers. (Sugar is a personal choice.) Serve.

(It is important for you to keep a close eye on the pot because at the moment the coffee begins to bubble, within a fraction of a second, the elevated bubbles would over flow the briki.
This would then be considered as an over boiled coffee, which only 1 or 2 percent of Greeks enjoy.) Sip slowly, savor the flavour and enjoy your conversation.
Keep the pinkie finger elevated. It is a cool thing to do, like the British when they are drinking tea. (Hope this made you laugh a little.)

(There is always a thick coffee ground residue left in the coffee cup.

Do not drink or attempt to eat... if you do, you have a lot of sleepless nights ahead of you.)

Coffee residue_Mr Goudas recipes_ coffee Greek and turkish

Although we refer to this method as Greek or Turkish Coffee, the main ingredient comes either from Brazil or Colombia.

However, both the Greeks and the Turks have a special way of roasting the coffee beans and, not even the coffee bean producing countries know the secret.

It is advisable when a Greek person invites you for coffee, he does not mean you are going to Tim Hortons or Country Style.
The invitation is for coffee either at his house or at a Greek restaurant, which in this case you must know what you are getting into.

If you are brave enough and willing to try it, you must decide, after the first small sip, either you want to quit right there and then and give the excuse that you forgot the advice of your doctor that you should not have coffee at this time of the day and you totally forgot about it or, if you enjoyed it, there is a strong possibility that you will become hooked on Greek Coffee for the rest of your life.

Greek coffee_Mr Goudas recipes_ coffee Greek and turkish

Because we are on the topic of making Greek Coffee, the following article has been selected and reproduced from Mr.Goudas' biography titled:
The Immigrant.

It is a very funny story, and is relevant to this recipe.

The immigrant_Mr Goudas recipes_ coffee Greek and turkish(In the biography it is referred to as a diploma in cooking, but we took the liberty of calliing it a diploma in Coffee making ... for this recipe. Okay.)

'Since you have a great diploma in Coffee making, make Coffee for me tonight'.

Sometimes Greeks make fun of themselves and to understand the following story you have to imagine that the man is doing the outside work to bring money into the house, and the woman looks after the home, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.

Now obviously things have changed, but some of them keep the tradition, and Mr. Goudas knows at least one of them and that happens to be one of his sales men.

The story begins as follows:

This particular salesman named Ted, visits Mr. Goudas' office at least twice a week to brief him on what is happening in the market, and since Mr. Goudas is very busy most of the time, he asked Ted to go into the Laboratory kitchen and make Coffee.

Ted told him that he does not know how to cook.
Mr. Goudas was very surprised and said to Ted "Are you trying to tell me that you do not know how to make Coffee? Shame on you! I am going to take a few minutes of my time and we are going together and I will show you how to do it."      
Finally, he showed Ted all the procedures to make Coffee.

During the following week, he asked Ted to go into the laboratory to see if the effort he had put in the previous week was worthwhile.
Ted started making Coffee. He went as far as knowing how to boil the water.

Mr. Goudas then thought it would be a good idea to give him a diploma just to encourage him for his future efforts.
The diploma was framed and stated that Ted had graduated from the Goudas University in state of the art cooking and Coffee making, signed and sealed by Mr. Goudas himself.

Ted proudly accepted the diploma, took it home and found the nicest area in his house to set it up. When the wife asked him what it was all about, since she did not know any words in English, Ted told her that he had just graduated from a university as a great salesman.

We want to mention here that Ted is one of those men who, upon returning home from work, throws one shoe to the north, the other to the south, he wiggles out of pants and kicks them somewhere into the corner and he expects his wife to have everything prepared and ready on the dining room table.
Well that was then, until, one day a lady friend of hers visited their home and noticed the diploma and asked what this was about.
The innocent Mrs. Ted told her that that was her husbands university diploma in great salesmanship.
The visitor, who knew the English language well, promptly told her that your husband received the diploma because he was a great chef and Coffee maker.
So when Ted arrived home on this occasion he found his wife laying down on the chesterfield, having absolutely nothing prepared for dinner.
He placed his hands on his hips and enquired as to what was going on and the wife responded calmly and said

'since you have a diploma in cooking, you make Coffee for me tonight'.

Thankfully, he knew how to boil the water.

The following day, Ted was the first one in the office and in the presence of everyone he threw the diploma on Mr. Goudas desk.
When Mr. Goudas enquired as to what was wrong, Ted informed him that this diploma had almost cost him his wonderful marriage.

P.S. A few years later Ted is doing all the cooking and Coffee making at home with an apron marked: 'Goudas on the Label means good food on the table!'

In addition we learned that after his retirement from Goudas Foods he finally relocated permanently to Greece and spent his time teaching cooking to the people of his village.

We hope that this story brings a smile to you.

From our house to yours with love and laughter.

Thank you for inviting us for coffee.



Coffee book_Mr Goudas recipes_ coffee Greek and turkish Coffee book_Greek_Mr Goudas recipes_ coffee Greek and turkish Coffee book_Greek_Mr Goudas recipes_ coffee Greek or turkish

Coffee book_Greek_Mr Goudas recipes_ coffee Greek or turkish

Columbian-Embassador Mr. Jorge Visbal Martelo, right, try Greek coffee for the first time.

On the left Mr.Rodolfo Moseres, Consultant & Trade Commissioner, Peter Spyros Goudas, Niki Stamatakos.

Greeks and Turks have a special way of roasting the coffee beans and, not even the Columbian know the secret.

Columbian-Embassador Mr. Jorge Visbal Martelo right, try Greek coffee for the first time.

The story was written by Spyros Peter Goudas with the assistance of Bernadette Scott

Should you find this article amusing, well-written and informative, send us a comment.

Spyros Peter Goudas
Σπύρος Πήτερ Γούδας


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