SQUID (In Ink)

1 can of Squid in Ink

Basically this is the only ingredient you need as an appetizer, a side dish, or as part of the main course.

You may cut it into pieces and incorporate it into your cooking or anything you may think about provided you like squid.

This is a reminder that the squid within the can is already cooked and is soft.

You may eat it right out of the can, or place on a plate and pour a little lemon and olive oil over it.

Here is the way it works: You open the can try one. Hmm?. You begin to like it, so you try another one, while searching for a plate. And another one ?. And another one? Finally, you find the plate, and arrange the balance on it.

You pour some olive oil and lemon over them ? You try one ? mmm?. It tastes better! Hmm? not many left for my guests? As you reach the table, you realize that there is only one left?. Oh well, I should have bought 2 cans.

Did you know that such a product as this, exists!?

Did you also know that squid is one of the few foods allowed during the fasting period for the Orthodox religion within the Lenten Season.
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