Should you click on the Internet search engine under eggplant pulp there are endless recipes at your disposal. Most of them will tell you to buy a certain amount of eggplant, boil, roast, mash, etc. or even remove the skin, and then give you the instructions on making a particular dish.

However, the Mr. Goudas Eggplant Pulp will eliminate 50% of the work because Mr. Goudas Eggplant Pulp contains the natural pulp of roasted eggplants, which may be used for all your recipes, sandwiches, salads and cooking needs.

It contains no MSG and can also be kept for a long time in the refigerator after opening.

The initial production of this product was the institutional size in the 4 kg can and 20 kg pails. We, however, thought it would be appropriate to create this small size for home use to ease the pressures on the homemaker.

Mr. Goudas Eggplant Pulp without a doubt is considered to be the best in the world. In a few words, if your recipe calls for eggplant pulp, this is your baby.

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