Mr. Goudas Mango Pulp is made from selected varieties of mangoes, such as Haydn, East Indian or Alfonso. Once mature they are harvested and transported to the food processing plant, where they are inspected, washed, blanched, deseeded and eventually canned for your consumption.

Although it sounds simple the process is actually very scientifically complicated due to the fact that the natural taste, flavour and colour must be retained. The selection species of the mango is very important to be able achieve this final outcome.

Mr. Goudas Mango Pulp has unlimited applications: e.g. Baking: for the creation of fruit breads, cakes, tarts, muffins, pie fillings etc.
Beverages: fruit drinks, nectars, milkshakes
Diary: Ice cream, yogurts, puddings, deserts
May also be very good for baby food preparations.
It is also quite delicious chilled and served as is.
Mr. Goudas Mango Pulp contains very high amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and has a 0 fat content.

The internet has a wide variety of recipes using mango pulp. We are certain that this particular brand will assure you of perfect results.
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