There are many ways of creating a delicious chick peas salad. 

One method is to create it yourself from scratch. In this case you need a 1 pound package of chick peas as the base ingredient.
Place chick peas in a large bowl (check for any foreign objects e.g. stones, sticks, etc.).
Add enough water to cover, and add 2 teaspoons of baking soda. Let soak overnight.

The next day, drain the overnight water and boil in fresh water until tender to your taste.

This is actually the best way to begin.
However, you should purchase the right chick peas and there are many brands on the market.

Determining the correct one is sometimes very difficult.
If you are satisfied with the brand you presently buy, do not change.

When shopping for chick peas at the supermarket, you will discover that there are inexpensive chick peas with or without a brand name.

Upon looking further, however, you will notice skin defects or discolouration from one brand to another, as well as differences in size.
In the chick peas category, the larger the size, the better it is.
On the other hand, for example, the smaller the ochro, the better it is.

Mr. Goudas chick peas does not have any of the above deficiencies. They are pretty well uniformed in size.

We do not say this because Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas himself personally created this recipe.
However, since we all have tried his products, and have unanimously agreed that they are the best.

The reason being is his organization ensures the right size, the right area of growing, minimizes the skin defects, and transports the chick peas from the farms to the packaging plant and finally to the store, in a proper manner ensuring that the consumer purchases the best.

If you have the patience, and prefer to prepare this recipe from scratch, then Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas strongly advises that you check the peas for any foreign objects because they are not washed and picked one at a time.

Method two:

You can avoid all the picking, washing, rinsing and soaking, by simply purchasing a can of Mr. Goudas Chick Peas, or Unico brand, drain the water, rinse once, and place the contents into a large bowl.
Cut one large semi-sweet onion into cubes approximately the same size as the chick peas and add.
Wash 2 celery stalks (remember to remove the strings as much as possible) and cut into cubes the size of the chick peas or smaller.
Add a few leaves of chopped parsley, and finally sprinkle with Mr.Goudas Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a little oregano (optional).
(Do not pour too much Olive Oil since the Chick Peas do not know how to swim.)
Of course we do not have to tell you which brand to buy.

Add the juice of 1 fresh lemon, 1 finely chopped clove of garlic, Salt and black pepper to taste.

Please mix gently with two spoons until all ingredients are balanced out.

You may serve as is, or as a side dish to the main course.
If you so choose, you may cover the chickpeas with a plastic wrap and refrigerate for use the next day, thereby allowing the flavour of all the ingredients to penetrate the chick peas.

Needless to say, this dish contains lots of fiber and iron.

Mr. Goudas' grandmother died at the age of 106; she drank half of a small cup of olive oil every morning. In this case, it was not the Mr. Goudas brand, since her grandson was not yet born.
At that age she had almost all of her teeth except for a few broken ones due to the fact that she used inferior chick peas with no brand name, (which maybe had stones inside).

Since hundreds of recipes have been written about Mr. Goudas Chick Peas, the company and Mr. Spyros Peter Goudas himself feel they are at the point of no return with respect to the selection of the best chick peas.

We will not say that you will never find a little stone here and there that looks like the peas themselves in the package of the raw product, so we advise you to examine prior to using because errors do happen.

We do not want anyone to say that they are missing a tooth because they used Mr. Goudas Chick Peas.

Chick Pea Trivia: Chick peas are grown in countries such as California, Mexico, Central Canada, Turkey, India and Australia. Usually, Mexico produces the largest sized chick peas, and they are usually softer.

There are some countries in the world that have never heard about chick peas even though they are near to the countries producing them.
For example, Turkey is one of the leading countries in chick pea cultivation, they even roast them and eat it as a snack. Yet, the natives of the neighbouring country, Bulgaria, have no knowledge of chick peas.

We hope you have had a bit of fun preparing this salad and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Goudas Foods has launched another variety of chick peas in the can, Mr. Goudas Garilito Chick Peas which is basically chick peas with a garlic flavour.

Please make a note that this is not an ideal snack to eat before you go on a date.
However, you take a can along and both of you can eat it.
Then, it will be smooth sailing.

We hope you have had a bit of fun preparing this salad and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

The above recipe and picture is courtesy of Spyros Peter Goudas.

Dear friends: Over the years, I have created many, many products and I have written many recipes. I always have one thing in my mind when creating a recipe: I visualize that I am speaking to a beginner because people who know how to cook do not need my instructions they only need the best ingredients that I produce to work with.

I also have to mention that over the years, I have had numerous individuals correspond with me, by phone or by mail, locally, nationally and internationally, informing me that, for instance, their spouse who always did the cooking passed away recently, and that while looking through the cupboards they have found a can of beans or peas, a bag of flour or some product that they did not know what to do with.

Usually those people are the types who have no idea of what a casserole is, or a spatula, how to boil water or even turn on the stove.

Therefore, they are quite comfortable with the details in my recipes that allow them to become familiar with the cooking process, step-by-step.

And that eventually, they would be able to do a variety of cooking and would always use my products.

Spyros Peter Goudas.

All rights reserved. No reproduction for commercial use is allowed without the express permission of the copyright holder.

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