Why it is called Greek Salad?.

The ingredients are very simple and are grown pretty well everywhere in the world.

1 Tomato cut into pieces,

1 English Cucumber sliced 1/4 inch thick,

few slices of Green Pepper,

l Onion (white or red)sliced,

a few pieces of Feta Cheese,

a few Kalamata Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil,

a bit Oregano.

The outcome is exquisite.

Did you enjoy the photo display of variations on Greek Salad?

Are you enraptured with the photo of the plate of Olives?

We hope you are because our in-house photographer spent endless hours taking hundreds of different variations with various proportions of olives, shined and polished with Olive Oil, respositioned the lighting to show the perfect reflection, etc., etc.

He told us that taking pictures of Olives is one of the most difficult assignments in the world.

However, Mr. Goudas advised him as follows: To do an excellent job you MUST begin with the best olives - MR. GOUDAS OLIVES, of course.

We wanted you to realize that there are many way to create this historical Salad.

Mr. Goudas told us that he has heard and seen people remove the skin from the tomato for ease in digestion. Lately, this idea is being recommended by physicians.

With respect to the cheese, Feta Cheese is the cheese of choice for Greek Salads.

Should you see Greek Feta Cheese made in Canada, that is a completely false statement and advertisement. It should read Greek Style Feta Cheese due to fact that the ingredients with the Feta Cheese would be completely different that Feta Cheese imported directly from Greece.

We will discuss this issue in the Cheese category.

We do not know if Socrates, Aristotle or other famous greek philosopher is the creator of this recipe ....

All we know it is called Greek Salad!

One of the ingredience is extra virgin olive oil,

We hope you are familiar with the subject.

If not please read the book about the olive tree, we will get information to last life time.

Please click on the book cover to have a full understanding of Olives and the categories of Olive Oil.


Enjoy the Greek Salad simplicity.